Erik Aadland’s Call of Duty

Congressional District 7 candidate Erik Aadland explains his call of duty.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Erik Aadland's Call of Duty

From the very beginning, the American idea was the radical idea that men would govern themselves. There is an assault on everyday hard-working people and their freedom as regressive policies diminish our quality of life. Inflation is at a 40-year high, equating to the average family taking a $5,000 pay cut. Polis is up for re-election and suddenly becomes a cut taxes and fees candidate, even though he and his Democrat party advocated and passed legislation that raised taxes and fees during his current term as governor. Polis also claims he will reduce traffic deaths. Kim and Producer Steve surmise that the goal is to force us onto buses, bikes, and light rail. Polis additionally states he will reduce costs for Coloradans even though inflation is due to his and his party’s poor government policies. A final note on current news is that 50,000 illegal immigrants that we know of have disappeared into America during March-August, 2021.

Guest and Congressional District 7 candidate Erik Aadland explains his call of duty. Government-induced inflation, a hidden tax, results from poor public policy. The border crisis and China are security concerns. Other issues include increased crime in our communities and the education of our children. Erik served in Iraq and Afghanistan and received two Bronze Stars, one for valor. He is committed to serving the people of Colorado and defending the Constitution. Erik is against vaccination mandates. He also distinguishes between the average person and one serving our nation in the military regarding vaccinations. The final topic discussed is election integrity. We must have freedom, truth, and justice in the election process to regain our faith in government institutions. For additional information on Erik, click here: Erik Aadland.

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