Fascism Opposes Freedom

Author Pam Long joins Kim to explain why we should be concerned about medical fascism in her latest essay, The Triad of Medical Fascism Emerged in September 2022. Author Allen Thomas discusses his latest essay School Choice is Anti-Fascist and notes the difference between state-run mandated education and giving parents options in education. Candidate for State Board of Education Peggy Probst explains why her race is so important.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Fascism Opposes Freedom

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the AMA (American Medical Association) were once very respected institutions. In her essay The Triad of Medical Fascism, author Pam Long discusses the politicization of what were once trusted organizations. Long connects the dots and the danger of censoring doctor’s voices, gender mutilation of our children and Joe Biden’s Executive Order regarding transhumanism. Pam joins Kim to discuss the issues in the second hour.

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School Choice is Anti-Fascist

In his latest essay School Choice is Anti-Fascist, author Allen Thomas explains that Hitler and his Nazis recognized the power of control and indoctrination of the education of children. Thomas notes that there are several parallels between Hitler’s strategy and today’s government-run education system. Thomas recognizes that the antidote to educational fascism is school choice.  Listen to the interview with Thomas in the first hour.

Candidate Interview with Peggy Probst (State Board of Education, CD 6)

Peggy Probst joins Kim to discuss why she is running for State Board of Education in Congressional District 6. Listen to the full interview second hour.  Go here to learn more about her campaign.

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