Fundamental Natural Rights

Carol Baker from Denver Toastmasters Club joins Kim to discuss with fellow members the concept “natural rights.”
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Fundamental Natural Rights

The events featuring Leslie Manookian will be rescheduled due to personal medical reasons.  There will be refunds for those who bought tickets to an event.  Fauci calls for nationwide vaccination mandates now that the Pfizer vaccination has been FDA approved.  The Taliban releases a propaganda photo, with Taliban in U.S. military gear mocking the Iwo Jima famous flag-raising. Healthcare workers in Michigan show up at a hearing to support a bill to ban vaccination mandates.   Listen to the government’s narrative as they explain where Afghani/Taliban refugees are placed in America, including here in Colorado.

Carol Baker from Denver Toastmasters Club ( joins Kim to discuss with fellow members the concept of  “natural rights.”  Members thoughtful comments on natural rights include:  the right to house a human soul in a body; individual rights is a new concept in history that many people do not completely comprehend; a natural right asks nothing of someone else; we have been coerced into not failing instead of taking chances as an innovator or entrepreneur; God want us to live and not just exist; God has given us the right to have a relationship with Him; freedom vs. privilege where those in power believe they are superior and want to keep their privileges and perks and; natural rights have been evolving through history starting with the Greeks.  Carol concludes that the government’s job is to protect our rights, not limit them.  It is the government that is to be limited.

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