H.R.1 is Bad for the Nation

Kevin Lundberg, former state Senator and founder of the Lundberg Letter (kevinlundberg.com), joins Kim to discuss HR1
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
H.R.1 is Bad for the Nation

Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance and sponsor of Kim’s shows, co-hosts during the Eat Meat Week!  America’s Veteran’s Show will feature Vietnam veterans interviewed in the book Echoes of Our War:  Reflections After 50 Years.  Riveting!  Listen on Sunday from 3-4pm on KLZ.  China is set to ask Biden to roll back all Trump actions against China.  HB21-1071 Ranked Choice Voting In Nonpartisan Elections is dissected and it is concluded this will ensure Democrats dominance in Colorado.  It is noted that Maricopa County, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan have recently experienced judicial cases calling into the validity of their 2020 elections.  Kim will continue to seek the truth, including our most recent election.

Karen reports that inventory in Colorado is extremely tight.  In the past week, homes under contract outpaced new home listings.  Public policy has added to the shortage of homes on the market.  An experienced professional realtor is absolutely needed whether you are buying or selling.  Give Karen a call at 303-877-7516.

There is nothing better to eat this Saturday than meat.  On Polis’ proclaimed Meat Out Day join others across the state for their Meat In Day. When Michelle Vance with the Larimer Republican Party heard of this ridiculous proclamation, decided to do what Dems do—raise money on voter outrage.  And she did just that as her event is sold out.  People are tired of their freedoms being taken away.  In downtown Craig, Loy Jones has organized a BBQ for her community.  Her event will be taking donations for the agricultural community.  Meat is an important staple of the American diet.  At the beginning of the China-Wuhan virus reaction/disruption, empty meat counters validated how important meat is to Americans.

Jason McBride, Senior Vice President with Presidential Wealth Management, will be joining thousands as he will be grilling meat on Saturday.  Federal Reserve Chairman Powell states yesterday that rates will not change in the near future, which brought a sigh of relief from many.  The DOW continues to hit new highs while the NASDAQ is working to regain its past high.  Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 to review options for a successful plan regarding your financial requirements.

Guest Kevin Lundberg, former state Senator and founder of the Lundberg Letter (kevinlundberg.com), joins Kim to discuss HR1.  Kim calls it the Diluting and Nullifying Your Vote Act while Kevin chimes in with the Voter Fraud Act.  Some of the lowlights of the bill, all at the Federal level, are:  set up commissions for redistricting (already in Colorado at the state), institutionalize mail-in ballots (and all the fraud that goes along with it as seen in many states like Pennsylvania), enfranchising felons to vote, requirement for photo id to vote eliminated, changing campaign finance law as Congressional races will be publicly funded, and ballots can be accepted up to 10 days after election.  This is dismantling the US Constitution and going against the Founding Fathers to secure permanent POWER for Democrats!

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