Happy Christopher Columbus Day!

Brad Beck joins Kim in the studio and Danielle Green with Kirsch Insurance Group joins Kim to alert listeners to Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) that begins this Friday, October 15th and ends on December 7th. 

Happy Columbus Day!  And it’s a Brad Beck Monday.  Brad Beck is a co-founder of Liberty Toastmasters where people learn to be leaders via better communication skills, including listening.  We are presented with plenty of opportunities in life here in America.  Seize them.  Brad references one of his favorite authors, Jeffrey Gitomer, who wrote The Little Golden Book of YES!  Kim’s We the People” Voters Guide was sent out with the newsletter this week.  Do your research or do not vote.  You have a responsibility to know the facts as a voting citizen.  Reggie Carr and Clancie Jones, hosts of the new KLZ I’MA UNITER Show was a hit on Friday.  Tune in this Friday at 9am for another captivating conversation.  Aaron Smith, school board candidate for Weld RE-4, joins Kim to answer the question, Why?  Aaron was upset with six-year-old children forced to wear germ filled masks to school.  The school curriculum is not centered on academic basics like reading, writing, math, science and critical thinking skills.  Instead, children are taught CRT (Critical Race Theory) and a sex-ed curriculum that is sexualizing our children.  The indoctrination of our children must stop.  Aaron is experiencing some heat, and as Kim explains, “the closer you get to the target the more flak you receive.”  Aaron’s platform is one of Parental Choice, Transparency and Accountability.

Danielle Green with Kirsch Insurance Group joins Kim to alert listeners to Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) that begins this Friday, October 15th and ends on December 7th.  When working with Danielle and Kirsch Insurance Group you will have various carriers to choose from.  Kirsch is there to help guide you through your options, especially with the selection of your prescription plan.  Either email Kirsch Insurance Group or give them a call at 303-397-7830.

Brad notes that there are four key highlights in a discussion on government programs, and government rules and regulations.  Who pays?  Who benefits?  Who is making the decisions?  Does the individual/public get to interact with it?  Using LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, as an example, taxpayers pay, benefits will be for a select group, an unaccountable and unelected board makes the decisions, and the public never has a chance to voice its opinion.  This is something that is not good for voters and needs to be voted down with a NO vote on Prop 119.  We must have a representative government at all times.  The U.S. Attorney General classifying concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” is absurd.  The so-called labor shortage revolves around government policy.  Help wanted signs offering bonuses are visible wherever you go.  People must consider all jobs, including manual jobs.  Jobs can lead to other career opportunities.  Not everyone has to go to college.  Warehouse workers and truck drivers were heroes last year as they delivered products across the nation.  What should employers look for?  Employees that are like-minded.  Employees that are happy; you can train people for set skills.  Get testimonials from current employees to attract new employees.  “We have to get our hands dirty and get back to work!”  America is the last best hope!

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