How China’s People’s Liberation Army Would Gain by Hacking Equifax

Josh Philipp of The Epoch Times joins Kim to discuss the revelation that the People's Republic Army is behind the hacking of Equifax. Jason McBride takes a look at SB20-167, Electric Motor Vehicle Manufacture and Dealer. Pam Long joins Kim to discuss Colorado's SB20-163, School Entry Immunization.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
How China's People's Liberation Army Would Gain by Hacking Equifax
  • Pam Long joins Kim to discuss SB20-163. This bill is not about educating the public on vaccinations. It is about mandatory registration where both parents and children will be tracked if they request an exemption on any immunization for any reason. Keep in mind the CDC has 70 recommended vaccinations.
  • Sue Moore, part of the Republican Liberty Caucus-Colorado, continues her list of bills being introduced under the Golden Dome. Some themes: “undocumented,” vaccinations, income tax credits, electronic attendance, treatment of animals, birth certificates, electric motor vehicles, education accountability, and accreditation.
  • Jason McBride chimes in with Kim’s remarks on SB20-167, Electric Motor Vehicle Manufacture and Dealer. Will this give an advantage to sellers of electric vehicles? Tesla just completed a $2.3 billion share offering, which makes sense considering how high the stock has sold for recently ($887.06 on February 4th). Also, don’t forget Jason’s Early Year Stock Indicator report that is still available.
  • Josh Philipp on the People’s Liberation Army and the hacking of Equifax

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