How Independent Journalism is Taking Back Control From Big Tech and Corporate Media

Josh Phillip on how independent journalism is taking back control from big tech and corporate media. Candidate interview with Lora Thomas (Douglas County Sherrif). Bill of the Day is SB22-182, Economic Mobility Program.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
How Independent Journalism is Taking Back Control From Big Tech and Corporate Media

In a time where social media is censoring critical information, solid journalism from the news media is the last bastion of hope. But who can the faith community turn to and trust to report the news fairly and accurately? How do we find out about the stories that matter, and what can we do to support such companies and organizations?

These are the questions Josh Phillip and others attempt to answer on the March 9th broadcast of Crossroads (Live Panel: How Independent Journalism Is Breaking the Control of Big Tech and Corporate Media). Phillips joins Kim in the first hour to discuss Big Tech and the Corporate Media placed journalism in their control…and how independent journalism making a comeback. Be sure to watch the full panel as well as listen to today’s interview.

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Bill of the Day SB22-182, Economic Mobility Program

Bill summary:

The bill creates the economic mobility program within the department of public health and environment and creates the economic mobility program fund, requiring a $4 million transfer to the fund from the economic recovery and relief cash fund.
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)

SB22-182, Economic Mobility Program, is sponsored by Senator Chris Hansen (Democrat), Senator Don Coram (Republican), and Representative Lindsey Daugherty (Democrat).

Also in Today’s Kim Monson Show (April 1, 2022)

Candidate Interview: Lora Thomas (Douglas County Sherrif)

Lora Thomas joins Kim to discuss her candidacy for Douglas County Sherrif. Learn more about her campaign here. Go here to support her campaign.

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