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Liz Peetz on how upcoming legislation could impact Denver's affordable homes market. Karen Levine and Lorne Levy discuss Denver's housing market and the very low interest rates affecting inventory. Kim discusses HB20-083, Prohibit Courthouse Civil Arrest. Pam Long and Kim continue the conversation on SB20-163, School Entry Immunization.


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  • Pam Long continues the discussion on SB20-163, School Entry Immunization
  • A look at HB20-083, Prohibit Courthouse Civil Arrest
  • Realtor Karen Levine and mortgage lender Lorne Levy discuss interest rates and the housing market for the Greater Denver metro
  • Liz Peetz discusses SB20-138, Consumer Protection Construction Defect Time Period

How Legislation Hurts Affordable Housing in Denver and Colorado

Karen Levine

Lorne Levy Kim Monson Show

Lorne Levy

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Karen Levine

Lorne Levy

Pam Long continues her conversation with Kim regarding the vaccination bill, SB20-163, that is being heard on Wednesday, February 19th, in Senate Health. Pam states the vaccination bill is the trojan horse as it includes a registry, tracking, reporting, potential shaming, re-education, potential home visits, attack on religion, and power to non-medical personnel, to name a few very disturbing and controlling attributes of the bill.

Kim ponders how the government states it is here to protect our children and that is why we need bills like SB20-163. However, they also have bills like HB20-083, Prohibit Courthouse Civil Arrest, which interferes with ICE’s ability to do their job. Just recently in Denver, ICE wanted four men who had been deported several times. One was arrested for sexual assault, and another for child abuse and strangulation assault. There is a disconnect here. Who is the government really protecting?

Sponsors Karen Levine, award-winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, and Lorne Levy, home financing expert with Polygon Financial Group, talk about the Denver housing market and interest rates. Denver continues its lack of inventory making it challenging for new home buyers although interest rates are extremely low. Because rates are so low, it is a great time to refinance or to purchase a home.

Listeners interested in either can call Lorne at 303-880-8881 or visit his website and fill out the contact form. Mention that you heard Lorne on the Kim Monson Show for a free appraisal for any refi or home loan.

Liz Peetz, VP Of Colorado Association of Realtors Government Affairs, joins the conversation with bills that can hurt the market even more. The main bill of concern is SB20-138, Consumer Protection Construction Defect Time Period, which changes the statute of limitations. This bill negates the reform of a few years ago and will add additional layers and time to a lawsuit, including “continuous tolling.” Condo development in the Denver metro area is half of what is considered a “normal” market, and will regress if this bill passes because of risks to developers. Although not yet introduced, a bill to set a statewide minimum educational mill levy is on its way. This will hurt districts below this standard, and may force people on a fixed income out of their home or keep first-time homebuyers out of the market due to higher taxes.

Jason McBride looks at the market as it takes a slight decline. Be sure to download your early year market indicators available at

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