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Terri Goon, Liberty Toastmasters North President, joins Kim in-studio. Kim explains how to get your name off Ballot Initiative 25: LEAP petition.

How to Take Your Name Off Ballot Initiative 25 LEAP Petition


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Terri Goon, Liberty Toastmasters North President, joins Kim in-studio. Kim explains how to get your name off Ballot Initiative 25: LEAP petition. The deadline to remove your name from Initiative 25 is Monday, August 2nd via email: Write an email to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, provide your name, home address and signature stating, “after reviewing Initiative 25 more in-depth, you wish to have your name stricken from the petition.” Send to: Any emails received after Monday, August 2nd will not be removed. If you wish to verify receipt of email, contact the Secretary of State’s office at 303-894-2200, click on zero, then ask to speak with someone who can verify receipt of your email sent to

We can share all types of information but not until we communicate will we be heard. Humor is a great way to communicate with others. Democrats use projection consistently. Colorado is paying influencers, with money taken from people who do not want the COVID-19 vaccination experimental drug, to coerce people to get the jab. Denver’s Mayor Hancock joins the Mayors Organized for Reparations and Equity, a group in support of paying reparations to Black Americans.

Carolyn Martin, Christian Home Educators of Colorado’s Director of Government Relations, joins Kim to discuss LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program. Carolyn states a correction that homeschoolers can participate in the program; it would be the additional activities outside of a parent teaching their child. Carolyn expresses concern regarding the evaluation process of “outcomes,” specifically long-term life outcomes. Carolyn warns homeschoolers that this will include data collection. Kim points to an article referencing a Scottsdale school district trying to collect data via a check list of family behavior. The worst part of LEAP is the Authority is an unelected board that is not accountable to the voters, the legislature or the Board of Education.

Members of the Liberty Toastmasters two groups join Terri and Kim to discuss awakening vs wokism. Comments include: check out the Epoch Times series on the U.S. Constitution to understand our American Idea; wokism is Marxist in nature; it strikes at the Battle of Ideas; wokism was brought forth by BLM; and Martin Luther King was right when he said we must judge people by their character and not the color of their skin, it is racist to only look at someone’s skin color. Awakening is happening across America as people understand there is a threat to our founding principles that all men are created with inalienable rights from God while wokism is an emotional attack on that idea and western civilization.

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