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Sue Kenfield, founder of See It Thrive (, is Kim’s in-studio guest to discuss how best to get back to work, without fear, during these turbulent times. 

Human Dynamics and Organizational Success


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Sue Kenfield, founder of See It Thrive (, is Kim’s in-studio guest to discuss how best to get back to work, without fear, during these turbulent times.  Before they delve into this topic, they converse with Producer Steve about the silent thief, government induced inflation.  As home prices escalate, so do the real estate taxes associated with the home.  Tax increases will be on the Colorado ballot this November.  One ballot initiative to vote down is Lone Tree’s massive 55% retail sales tax increase.  Read Kim’s Op-Ed here:  Another proposal is a new state marijuana retail tax increase “for the children,” the Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, LEAP.  There are a number of articles on Kim’s website,, for reasons to vote no on this program.  It would be governed by an unelected, unaccountable board, picked by the governor, and board members pick their replacements.  Join Kim in Grand Lake for their 10th Annual U.S. Constitution Week.  For more details visit

Sue is a professional that helps people in the workplace.  Human dynamics are most important for organizational success.  Sue consults with businesses around the major ideas of resilience, conflict management, team effectiveness, leadership development and emotional intelligence.  We are now past eighteen months of the two weeks to flatten the curve.  The COVID-19/Wuhan China Virus survival rate is 99.69% for all demographics so why all this coercion and force to get people to take the COVID-19/Wuhan-China Virus experimental drug jab?  Know which vaccination you are receiving as the only FDA approved vaccination is the Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty.  The original Pfizer vaccination is still under the EUA, Emergency Usage Act.  It has been stated that Comirnaty will not be distributed until the original Pfizer vaccinations have been used,  There are vastly different liability protections as the EUA vaccination is protected from liability and Comirnaty, as of now, is not.

Pope John Paul II stated that work is what distinguishes man from all other animals.  Work brings dignity.  Man has a natural desire to be around other people to connect.  Current office practices due to COVID-19 are inhibiting interactions with co-workers.  Additionally, contributions to organizations are not properly acknowledged by supervisors.  Sue suggests collaboration out of the office such as coffee shops.   Due to immense changes within a short period of time people are exhibiting fear, burnout and stress.  We do have the ability to bounce forward by controlling our thoughts and our actions under a realistic lens.  Do not be afraid to fail as that is a natural part of life.  Do not go into the trap of hopelessness and rely on the government; instead, look at your talents and grow.  Sue concludes that you must believe in yourself and you can successfully achieve whatever your endeavors may be.

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