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Reggie Carr and Clancie Jones, hosts of the new KLZ I’M A Uniter radio show debuting October 8th at 9am, join Kim and Producer Steve for a discussion on current events. 

I’m a Uniter with Reggie Carr and Clancie Jones


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Expect Kim’s Voters Guide to be in your Sunday newsletter.  Kim will be analyzing the three statewide questions and school board races.  We do not need LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, nor do we need CRT, Critical Race Theory, nor the sexualization of our children in the classroom.  Our students must be educated in the core academics of reading, science, math and critical thinking.  This Sunday on America’s Veteran’s Stories, Kim will be interviewing Army Veteran John Lohre, who served between the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  You can listen in at 3pm and 10pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.

Guests Reggie Carr and Clancie Jones, hosts of the new KLZ I’M A Uniter radio show debuting today at 9am, join Kim and Producer Steve for a discussion on current events.  Afghan gun stores are selling American equipment that was left behind.  Immigration is out of control with southern “open borders.”  Resources are now being diverted in the name of politics.  We must first get our own house in order, including the hundreds of thousands across America that are homeless, before welcoming others.  Trump stepped aside and encouraged other countries to be responsible for their own country’s needs.  Kirsch Insurance Group ( is a phone call (303-397-7830) away to help anyone with Medicare questions during the open enrollment period, October 15th-December 7th

Reggie and Clancie met at Denver’s Juneteenth Celebration.  During their conversation they realized that although they come from different political viewpoints, they actually have a lot in common.  Reggie and Clancie seek the truth and do not want to be branded by political affiliation.  They’ll be upbeat as there is too much darkness in the world today.  That’s where Reggie’s deep love for music comes in.  Musicians must know who they are so they can appropriately know the words and tone when writing a musical piece.  Reggie references his new for purchase “album” on a credit card sized USB.  You can add additional music and other files onto the card.  Clancie’s final comment encourages people to have an open dialogue based on fact, not emotion.  Reggie states that life is too short.  You must have fun and be kind.

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