Immigration and Trafficking

Guest Alma Tucker, founder and President of International Network of Hearts (, explains how human traffickers are looking for the most vulnerable, children, to exploit.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Immigration and Trafficking

Kim talks about her upcoming show, America’s Veteran’s Stories, continuing the interviews of Vietnam Veterans profiled in the book, Echoes of Our War: Vietnam Veterans Reflect 50 Years Later. The show airs on KLZ at 3pm this Sunday. The electorate needs to be informed and ask the six Rudyard Kipling questions: What? Why? When? How? Where? Who  Censorship is a great danger to our country. The southern border is anything but compassionate to the children. HB21-1246 PERA Public Employees’ Retirement Association Divestment From Fossil Fuel Companies is full of force words such as “exclusion” and “require.” This bill forcibly excludes capital investment opportunities in fossil fuel companies in an attempt to starve the industry.   

Hal Van Hercke. owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, has the largest retail knife store in the western states. Visit his website,, to view his complete inventory. Hal discusses with Kim the $1 billion deficit in the state unemployment fund. Colorado is borrowing from the federal government to cover this deficit and additional expenses incurred each week. The state is looking at placing a surcharge on already financially stressed businesses. Hal and Kim ask the compelling question, “If the state has received multiple billions of dollars in COVID-19 stimulus money, why is the money not being used to pay off this deficit instead of radical left pet projects?”

Kim talks about a upcoming “miracle.” Polis states that the virus should be gone by mid-June and all seats will be occupied for the MLB All Star game in July. Jason McBride, Senior Vice President with Presidential Wealth Management, chimes in with Kim and remarks the definition of “miracle” has reached a new low. The stock market is holding steady and behaving cautiously  NASDAQ is once again above its 50-day average. Give Jason a call at 303-964-1600 to establish a plan that will chart a financial course looking at where you are today and how to get to your financial goals in the future.

Guest Alma Tucker, founder and President of International Network of Hearts (, explains how human traffickers are looking for the most vulnerable, children, to exploit. With families streaming to the southern border from many Central American countries, many running away from difficult situations in their own country, parents willingly allow traffickers to take their children over the border thinking this will be their “ticket” into America, the land of Opportunity. The smugglers, cartels and organized crime use the children for selling drugs, sexual exploitation or labor. Alma started INH in 2010 to prevent human trafficking and to provide services to those who have been exploited. Alma tells the heart wrenching story of a twelve old girl. Border crossings are rising way beyond any resemblance of control.

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