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Ben Martin kicks off his year-long series "Important Speeches and Documents in the Formation of America" with George Washington.


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  • Guest Ben Martin joins Kim and producer Steve to discuss what it means to be a patriot
  • Jefferson County inmate release
  • Politician’s punishing voters by taking away essential services
  • Jason McBride finishes his discussion on investing in 2019’s stock market losers

Important Speeches and Documents in the Formation of America: George Washington

Ben Martin

ben martin americhicks

Ben Martin

Ben Martin begins our year-long series on Important Speeches and Documents in the Formation of America. There are four important events at the founding of our nation and they revolve around George Washington.  These include: the commission of Washington as Commander of Chief; the battle at Long Island; his leadership crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day and the “Ten Glorious Days;” and his appeal to all enlisted men in January, 1777, to stay one more month when most enlistments were to expire, “you will render that service to the cause of liberty, and to your country.”  Plus Ben highlighted Thomas Paine’s Crisis 1 speech.

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