Inflation, the Silent Thief

Kim and Producer Steve discuss the impacts of inflation, the pushback against vaccine mandates and other currents events.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Inflation, the Silent Thief

Kim and Producer Steve begin the show discussing government induced inflation, the silent thief very visible at the gas pump. Sunday’s America’s Veteran’s Stories will feature Marine Veteran Marty Letellier who served in the Korean War and fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, November 27-December 13, 1940. The show broadcasts Sunday at 3pm on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app. Sunday evening at 10pm will be a rebroadcast of Kim’s interview with Retired Army Major General John Raaen, a World War II veteran who was on Omaha Beach on D-Day. A third show is broadcast at 10pm on Saturday featuring Marine Vietnam War Veteran Bear Owen. Affordable, reliable, efficient and abundant energy empowers everyday Americans to thrive and prosper. PBIs, (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties ) are manipulating and increasing the price of fuel through rules and regulations. The Clinton Foundation donations are reduced to a trickle as donors can no longer buy political influence. The 16th Amendment began taxing income in the United States. The right to deduct qualified expenses gives influence and power to wealthy individuals. Kim suggests a total tax (Federal, State, County, Municipal, Property, etc.) of 10% so that we will reclaim the power of the people to decide they spend their money instead of PBIs forcing higher taxes to fund federal agencies and bureaucrats.

Kim and Producer Steve continue their review of current issues. Colorado Springs Districts 11 and 20 reverse mask mandates, one key issue they campaigned on. Biden’s administration is dealt another blow as a judge blocks nationwide mandatory vaccinations for federal contractors. This is one of many examples where the American Idea and the judicial system are being tested. The World Health Organization states that there is no evidence that booster shots will give greater COVID protection to individuals. Xcel Energy used political influence (both sides of the aisle) to implement rules and regulations to shut down Colorado’s coal industry. PBIs are using the same template to destroy Colorado’s oil and gas industry. FDA says it will take 55 years to release the Pfizer COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus documents. A recent article examines the reality of mask mandates and the tyrannical use of power. Sen. Bennett receives a donation from a key influencer with ties to Russia and the pipeline Nord Stream 2. Is Bennett working for lobbyists or his constituents? Kim voices support for Adam Andrzeyewski with Open the Books. He has a petition that will require Congressional members to sign an affidavit that they have read a bill before voting on it. The state of Colorado reports they have about $73 million in fraudulent unemployment claims. Taxpayers’ money is being used to for COVID-19 contact tracing.

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