Integrity of Colorado Elections

Retired Air Force Colonel Shawn Smith discusses election integrity with Kim Monson.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Integrity of Colorado Elections

Kim and Producer Steve give a preview, regarding election integrity and irregularities seen in the 2020 Election, to be discussed at length in the second half of the show. Rule of law is subverted by PBIs (Politicians Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) and Biden by eliminating the Keystone Pipeline. 800,000 barrels of oil per day will be re-directed or transported via train or rail. Increased gas prices due to government policy actions are creating government induced inflation. To add additional financial challenges, especially to working families, the federal government looks to increase gas taxes. In Colorado, new taxes, “fees,” abound. The recent gas tax increase amounts to 14 cents a gallon through 2029; the total tax amounts to roughly $8 per fill up and $400 per year. Costs of goods will go up for the end user. Electric Vehicles will pay a tax (fee) of $90 and increase the demand on the grid which results in no “cooling off” for the grid. The FAA is encouraging weighing both baggage and passengers.

Guest Retired Air Force Colonel Shawn Smith discusses election integrity with Kim. Colonel Smith was in the Air Force for 25 years as an analyst and now helps the US Election Integrity Plan (, an all-volunteer organization seeking truth and integrity in elections. Without election integrity we have no country! Having just visited Maricopa County, Arizona, he saw the audit process and says it’s the equivalent of The Manhattan Project. Colonel Smith is very concerned about Colorado elections due to cybersecurity challenges; after reviewing numerous voting machine analyses, his concern heightened. There is a challenge in convincing PBIs that there is a problem. Colonel Smith distinguishes between Election Fraud and Precinct Fraud. The Colorado Secretary of State is updating Colorado’s Dominion voting machines, which could eliminate important data on the hard drives, and this data should be preserved for 25 months after an election per federal law. Colonel Smith also discusses supply chain security including modems and hard drives manufactured in China. An important voting certification expired in February, 2017 (under then Secretary of State Wayne Williams) and was not renewed until February, 2021. Why? Colonel Smith encourages us to contact our county clerks. Find out if voting machines have been modified. Taxpayer’s own the voting machines and we must hold our county clerks accountable.

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