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A look at progressive income tax and whether or not it is reasonable. Joe Otto of Conservative Daily has a discussion with Kim on minimum wage, second amendment rights, healthcare, and more.


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  • Commentary on progressive income tax
  • Collective bargaining for State of Colorado employees
  • Conversation with Joe Otto, founder of Conservative Daily

Is Progressive Income Tax Reasonable?

Joe Otto

Joe Otto Kim Monson Show

Joe Otto

Guest Joe Otto, founder of Conservative Daily, discusses with Kim minimum wage, his pro-life stance, second amendment rights and healthcare.  Joe’s unique perspective as a gentleman of mixed race gives him personalized insights relative to the communities he interacts with.  Joe also explains his commitment to veterans and how his organization helped a veteran whose prosthetic legs were repossessed two days before Christmas.

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Polis backs collective bargaining for State of Colorado employees. More money, less work?

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Photo credit: KDVR and Joe St. George

Governor Polis comes out in favor of unionization of Colorado state employees. This will give state employees the ability to organize in order to negotiate higher pay and additional benefits, resulting in taxpayers’ paying more to the state to cover costs.

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