Iwo Jima Marine Don Whipple

Iwo Jima Marine Don Whipple shares his experiences during World War II and his life as a missionary afterwards.
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Iwo Jima Marine Don Whipple

Paula Sarlls is a Vietnam era Veteran and Gold Star wife.  A Gold Star wife is one whose husband died of an injury incurred in a battle or from a battle.  Paula’s husband died from exposure to Agent Orange.  Paula talks about her efforts to raise funds for the United States Marine Corps Memorial in Golden, Colorado, which will also have a walkway honoring all branches of the military.  The memorial is undergoing a major renovation and needs your help.  Buy a brick or make a flat donation at usmcmemorialfoundation.org.

Don Whipple is one of six World War II Marine Veterans in the group Cooper’s Troopers that meets in north Denver.  At the age of 16, right after graduating from high school, Don enlisted in the Marines by getting his parents to sign a permission slip.  He reflects on his experience in San Diego entering boot camp as a “green farm boy” from Kansas who had never seen a stop light nor the ocean.  Don eventually made his way across the Pacific and was in the second wave at Iwo Jima at the age of 17.  He had a “hard time realizing it was the real thing” after all the drills previously performed.  At one point he yelled out, “these guys are out to kill us,” as he witnessed a young pilot die after just learning that he had become a father to a baby girl.  Don also talks about how he found the Lord, became a missionary and spread the Word of God, including how he was kidnapped in Southeast Asia.

In order for us to live in Liberty and prosperity, we must never forget these three gentlemen interviewed over the past week and the people they served alongside.  We truly stand on the shoulders of giants.  American men and women have fought tyranny to stand for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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