January 2022 and the State of Colorado’s Housing Market

Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial, 303-880-8881, and Karen Levine with RE/MAX Alliance, 303-877-7516, discuss Colorado's current housing market.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
January 2022 and the State of Colorado's Housing Market

Kim and Producer Steve remark that human nature is constant. America is a Democratic Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Democracies descend into mob rule. Victor Davis Hanson notes that when we hear Democrats shout out that we are “losing our democracy,” what they are referring to is they are afraid of losing their power and control over citizens as radical Democrats allow 2 million foreign immigrants to illegally cross the border without any COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus restrictions and radical Democrats allow 800,000 foreign nationals to vote in New York City elections. The Democrats have overplayed their hand. Polis is trying to change his radical democrat narrative and paint himself as a libertarian in order to separate himself from the failed Democrat policies

Bill of the Day is SB22-031 Prohibit Hunting Bobcat Lynx And Mountain Lion.  Per the summary, “Concerning prohibitions against taking certain actions that may negatively affect certain native normally wild animals in the subfamily felinae.” Kim and Producer Steve discuss the bill with Kim asking, “Why now?” Ellen Kessler, a Polis appointee to the Colorado Veterinary Board, resigns after she comments that our cattlemen and ranchers are “lazy and nasty.” Still no statement from Polis.

All non-U.S. individuals entering the U.S. via land ports and ferry terminals at the northern and southern borders must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated per the Department of Homeland Security. This edict comes as the southern border remains wide open for people to enter without any vaccinations and without any vetting. Neil Young tries to flex his popularity by telling Spotify that his music cannot be played on Spotify until Joe Rogan is off. Pfizer board member and former FDA director Scott Gottleib states that there should be no mask mandates and other pandemic restrictions. The left’s narrative on COVID-19 is unraveling and people are realizing the Democrat’s stand is all about force, coercion, and massive government. At the international level, concern is rising as Biden puts 8500 troops on alert due to the tension between Russia and Ukraine. Stock market was wild yesterday. Moderna closed at $157.98 from a 52-week high of $497.49. Centennial Elementary School in Denver is now teaching BLM curriculum to kindergarten and first grade students, which dismantles traditional family values.

Guests and show sponsors Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial, 303-880-8881, and Karen Levine with RE/MAX Alliance, 303-877-7516, discuss with Kim the current housing market. There are challenges throughout the state. Looking at 2020, Karen states that homeownership increased by 19% with less inventory. The market is extremely competitive. Lorne inserts that unfortunately many of the homes are sold above asking price causing the buyer to bring cash to the closing table to make up the difference between appraisal price and buyer’s price. These are the reasons you must work with a professional so that you are assured you have someone representing your best interests. Karen notes that about 40% of sellers in 2021 left Colorado. Many investment firms are buying real estate. Inflation has impacted the ability of a family to buy, including higher interest rates and higher asking prices. Reverse mortgages may be a good cash stream for some individuals. The three discuss the impact of the homes destroyed in the Superior/Louisville fire with Karen noting that land is a limited commodity and that is one reason the homes were close together.

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