Jesus Christ and the Founding Fathers

Guest Chris Tubbs, founder of Patriotic Bible Study ( for information), explains that as the world was thrust into COVID-19, he was called by God to teach people about God and America. 
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Jesus Christ and the Founding Fathers

During this Holy Week Kim notes that Christianity is under assault here in America and around the globe.  Judeo-Christian values are intertwined in the founding of America.  Kim discusses the Bill of the Day, SB21-134 Retail Liquor Stores Additional Licenses.

Chris Cantwell, Senior Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors, remarks on his two favorite charitable organizations, St. Jude’s and Junior Achievement.  Numerous PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans are put “on hold” for further examination.  Chris sees entrepreneurs in their 60’s selling and those in their 30-40s buying businesses so that they can become their own boss.  If you are interested in either transaction, give Chris a call for professional guidance at 844-SELL-BIZ.

David Williams with Taxpayers Protection Alliance ( joins Kim to analyze the Democrat push to dissolve the filibuster.  The filibuster was written to assure that there was bipartisan support for non-spending and non-taxation bills; 60 votes are needed to take a bill to the floor for Senate final voting.  The Democrats are maneuvering any bill to fall under budget reconciliation, the most recent COVID-19 relief bill is an example.  Obamacare was unlawfully passed under budget reconciliation.  It changed the entire healthcare system.  Another chapter of “The Swamp” as Biden offers Senator Manchin’s wife a key position in an agency that gives earmarks within the Appalachian community.  It is necessary to call your representatives and senators and others that can be influenced, including Manchin to protect the filibuster.

Jason McBride, Senior Vice President with Presidential Wealth Management, acknowledges that economic freedom, political freedom and your personal freedom are very important. Recent activity in the markets indicate that money is being diverted to blue chips and small caps.  Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 for a discovery session to assess your risk tolerance and potential opportunities within your financial portfolio.

Guest Chris Tubbs, founder of Patriotic Bible Study ( for information), explains that as the world was thrust into COVID-19, he was called by God to teach people about God and America.  Chris, a millennial, states that most younger people have not been taught about the founding of America nor our Founders like George Washington and Ben Franklin.  34% of our Founders quotes were cited from the Bible.  God is a loving God.  Chris speaks from the heart as he brings truth to his generation regarding God and the founding of America.  The world has become co-dependent in opposition to God’s message.  Chris encourages us to be assertive and take responsibility for our own lives.  Christ experienced everything that we humans could experience in life.  Christ relates to us because he was man.  Do your homework – the Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution which we must read.  It is our responsibility to preserve our American Liberty that so many pledged blood and treasure to secure.  God loves you!

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