John Eastman on Overturning Colorado’s Open Primary Law and Updates on the January 6th Committee

John Eastman on the forthcoming legal challenge to Colorado's open primary law and updates on his subpoena by the January 6th committee. Bill of the Day is HB22-1151, Turf Replacement Program, which proposes to offer a financial incentive for the replacement of irrigated turf with plants that have lower water needs.
Attorney and embattled advisor to former president Trump John Eastman stands next to Trump in the White House. Eastman is seeking to overturn Colorado's open primary law.
Attorney and embattled advisor to former president Trump John Eastman stands next to Trump in the White House. Eastman is seeking to overturn Colorado's open primary law so that only Republicans vote in Republican primaries and only Democrats vote in Democrat primaries.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
John Eastman on Overturning Colorado's Open Primary Law and Updates on the January 6th Committee

John Eastman and Randy Corporon to Challenge Colorado’s Open Primary Law

Randy Corporon, a Colorado attorney, radio personality, and GOP national committeeman, recently announced that he and colleague John Eastman, a prominent conservative attorney and advisor to former president Donald Trump, will file a legal challenge to Colorado’s Proposition 108.

According to Corporon’s latest announcement, the filing in the United States District Court of Colorado is imminent. Corporon announced their intentions during an on-air interview with Frank Eathorne, chair of Wyoming’s GOP.

Proposition 108, Open Primary Elections, was approved by Colorado voters in 2016. The measure allows unaffiliated voters to vote in a primary election. Proponents of the bill, which raised over $6 million in support, argued that the bill would increase voter participation. Opponents argued that allowing non-members to have a say in deciding the leadership of the membership is fundamentally undemocratic.

Corporon and Eastman’s challenge is designed to prevent interference in the GOP primary by voters unaffiliated with the Republican party.

Eastman provides additional details on the challenge during his interview with Kim. Eastman also shares updates on his subpoena before the January 6th committee. Eastman clarifies that he did not tell Vice President Pence that Pence had the constitutional authority to overturn the 2020 election results.

Those who want to support the legal challenge can donate money to the Claremont Institute. Those seeking to support Eastman by helping with legal costs can donate money at his GiveSendGo page.

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Bill of the Day: HB22-1151 Turf Replacement Program

Bill summary: 

The bill requires the Colorado water conservation board (board) to develop a statewide program to provide financial incentives for the voluntary replacement of irrigated turf with water-wise landscaping (turf replacement program). The bill defines water-wise landscaping as a water- and plant-management practice that emphasizes using plants with lower water needs. Local governments, certain districts, Native American tribes, and nonprofit organizations with their own turf replacement programs may apply to the board for money to help finance their turf replacement programs. The board will contract with one or more third parties to administer one or more turf replacement programs in areas where local turf replacement programs do not exist.

HBB22-1151 has bi-partisan support. Republican sponsors are State Senator Cleave Simpson and State Representative Marc Catlin. Democrat sponsors are State Senator Jeff Bridges and State Senator Dylan Roberts. The bill’s goal of incentivizing the removal of irrigated turf with plants with lower water needs is a nod towards Colorado’s need to address its embattled water conversation policies and the impact of the megadrought afflicting Western U.S. states. It’s also disappointing that it appears that tax-payer dollars are to fund the monetary incentives.

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