Katie Hopkins: Stand Up

Katie Hopkins, British media personality, joins Kim to discuss COVID restrictions and promote her appearance in Parker, CO September 23rd.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Katie Hopkins: Stand Up

Who would have ever thought that Americans could lose their jobs by saying no to government mandates and coercion to force us to inject an experimental drug into our bodies?  It’s happening throughout the country as many people hold true to their principles and refuse to take “the jab.”  If the jab is a good idea, why the need for coercion, fear and force?  Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin said taxation and inflation are the tools to crush the middle class.  Is that the intent of our country’s government now?  Lone Tree, Colorado politicians propose a 55% increase of the retail sales tax.  Proposition 119 LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, is a NO vote!  The government continues its fear tactics to get what they want.  U.S. Constitution Week in Grand Lake is full of activity.  Kim will be the Emcee on Saturday.  Visit https://www.grandlakeusconstitutionweek.com/ for information. The America’s Veterans Stories features a re-broadcast of Col. Bob Fischer (Ret) and Marine Veteran Paula Sarlls this Sunday at 3pm and 10pm on KLZ 560AM and KLZ 100.7FM.  Banks may be required to report any account over $600 per a proposed IRS rule.  California reacts quickly to Newsom’s survival of his recall by writing up new rules for future recalls.  Townhall brings to light an Atlantic article regarding the truth behind COVID-19/Wuhan virus hospitalizations.

Karen Levine, award winning RE/MAX realtor and show sponsor, discusses the recent home inventory report.  There are more homes on the market than a few months ago but less than half from this time last year.  The deep pockets of large corporations are buying homes by out bidding families and negating their ability to own a home.  Karen offers a warning:  The World Economic Forum states that we will own nothing by 2030 and we will be happy about it.  Give Karen a call to discuss your homeownership possibilities at 303-877-7516.

Katie Hopkins, British media personality, hears constantly that this is the most difficult time in people’s lives.  COVID-19/Wuhan China Virus restrictions have strained people across the globe and they are now attempting to take back their lives by resisting government intervention.  Australia is constantly monitoring their residents, including checking what is delivered to their door and withholding liquor that was purchased.  Katie herself was put under a COVID-19 quarantine in a “hotel prison,” and was under surveillance 24 hours/day until the Australian government deported her.  Katie is optimistic and tells people to fill their hearts with love and remember you are not alone.  In America there is the right and protection of the Second Amendment which allows for the First Amendment.  We must persevere.  We will prevail!  Qantas and British Airlines have become a shell of their past business which makes them ripe for government acquisition.  Freedom of mobility in the United Kingdom has been reduced drastically and it is anticipated within three years no one will own a car.  Sign up at this link to hear Katie speak in Parker next Thursday, September 23rd:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/katie-hopkins-stand-up-parker-co-tickets-167960439195?aff=erelexpmlt.

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