Welcome Kim’s Newest Sponsor: Three Points Financial

Kim introduces her new show sponsor Mary Alpers with Three Points Financial, Inc. Three Points Financial is a Fiduciary, Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm that is Tax Focused.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Welcome Kim's Newest Sponsor: Three Points Financial

Kim begins the week advising listeners to vote NO on any new tax or tax increase that appears on the ballot.  The organic and healthy way to increase government revenues is to unleash the private sector with lower taxes and reduction of rules and regulations.  Vote NO on City of Lone Tree 2E.  2E is a 55% increase in the retail sales tax rate (1.8% to 2.8%).  Kim relays her experience with the City of Lone Tree’s selective enforcement of the “city sign ordinance on the No Lone Tree Tax Increase group,” but total disregard, by the mayor and city council, of the city ordinance that states the “against” arguments of an issue be included when city resources are used to support and tout an issue.  Amazing how the city has taken drastic steps to silence the opposition to 2E with the city breaking its own rules.  Do not forget to track your ballot here.

Kim introduces her new show sponsor Mary Alpers with Three Points Financial, Inc. Three Points Financial is a Fiduciary, Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm that is Tax Focused. We help clients define their goals and then determine what is needed to reach them, including living well with financial independence. Mary Alpers and Co-Owner Steve Cruice offer a complimentary “Get Acquainted” meeting. You can schedule this by visiting their website: www.threepointsfinancial.com under CONTACT.

Proposition 119: LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program is a NO.  “Conservatives” send out a text flyer that is dishonest and misleading.  Prop 119, the new retail marijuana tax “for the children,” is not a step towards school choice.  The proposition specifically states on page 3 that no funds may be used for tuition.  Additionally, the Authority Board selects all vendors, withholding the opportunity for parents to choose who their child will be working with.  The Authority would be governed by a nine member board chosen by this governor and they choose their replacements.  Radio ads reference that politicians are not involved with Prop 119.  Incorrect as politicians are heavily involved in endorsing Prop 119.  “Colorado Conservatives” advocating for Prop 119 include politicians:  Former GOP Governor Bill Owens, former GOP State Treasurer Mark Hillman, former GOP Senate President John Andrews, George Brauchler and Rick Enstrom who is running the text campaign.  Most of the organizations that are endorsing Prop 119 are politically left and probably expect to be one of the vendors.  Through October 28, 2021, one major leftist organization, Gary Community Investment Company contributed $2.228 million into the “yes” on Prop 119 campaign.  Former Democrat Colorado state senator Mike Johnston is the president and CEO of Gary Community Investment Company.  Ready Colorado, which identifies itself as right-leaning, contributed $525 million in support of Prop 119 through October 28th.  Be an educated voter and know what you are voting for.  Use Kim’s We the People Voter’s Guide as a resource.

Guest Phil Kerpen with American Commitment discusses Biden’s proposed double death tax policy.  Congress has increased the federal estate tax exemption from $600,000 in 2000 to just under $12 million today.  Biden’s Build Back Better Act adds a second death tax on capital gains, bringing the effective tax rate to about $43.4%.  This is not in place of the estate tax but a second death tax resulting in two death taxes which will be almost 50% of the estate, and that is before the state death tax is calculated.  Small businesses, family businesses and farms will be hit the hardest.  Although the Democrats state it is a “billionaires” tax, it is not as it applies to people earning $200,000.  Can you say bait and switch?  Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin said that the way to crush the middle class is thru taxation and inflation.  Biden plans to double IRS agents to go after every-day, hardworking taxpayers and crush the middle class.  Democrats are going it alone on this.  Pelosi hopes to pass the infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better Act together.  Republicans should work at warp speed after the 2022 election to retract any bad legislation that may pass.  Phil encourages people to stay engaged and do not get discouraged.

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