King Polis, His Executive Order and What That Means for Your Wallet and Driving Options

Hear ye, hear ye! King Polis thinks you should drive a Prius instead of an SUV. Mathew Groves of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association on the executive orders of former Governor and Governor Polis and how that will impact your wallet and your vehicle choices.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
King Polis, His Executive Order and What That Means for Your Wallet and Driving Options
  • Matthew Groves with the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association joins Kim to explain how Governors Hickenlooper and Polis’ king-like Executive Orders will make the vehicles that work best for your life more expensive.

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  1. Polis removed a long time well qualified system administrators at CDOT. Witch befor was one of the better Colodprado government agencies.
    In his place our little king governor Polis put a history graduate in charge. I like history, but for roads and bridges I want a well qualified engineer. This woman wants to build bike paths, and hiking trails. I like hiking and biking. But not for wor or the grocery store. How about the kids soccer game.
    My family and I are build ing our little ranch here in South central Colorado. And we need vehicles with raw power for towing, and hauling off road. That’s life on the open range.
    Our next purchase for the ranch will be a truck around one ton or so. Have not seen any EV in that class yet.

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