Kristi Burton Brown on the Challenges to Colorado’s Open Primaries

Kristi Burton Brown on the challenges to Colorado’s open primaries. How the 2022 legislative session impacted businesses. Candidate Interview with Ron Hanks (U.S. Senate).
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Kristi Burton Brown on the Challenges to Colorado's Open Primaries

Head of the Colorado GOP, Kristi Burton Brown, joins Kim to explain why the Colorado GOP did not join the lawsuit to challenge open primaries. Listen to the full interview in the first hour.

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How the 2022 Legislative Session Impacted Businesses

Roger Hays, CEO of Passio HR, joins Kim for a discussion on how businesses were impacted the 2022 legislative sessions.

Candidate Interview: Ron Hanks (U.S. Senate)

Colorado State Representative Ron Hanks joins Kim for an interview on why he is running for the U.S. Senate. Go here to learn more about his campaign. Go here to support his campaign.


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  1. KBB immediately deflected and connected your first question about open primaries to the process whereby Republicans can petition onto the primary ballet. She implied the petitioning-on option was something the Republican Party wanted and was a good thing. She is smart, but in a bad way – very “slippery” answers to your questions during the interview. This made me suspicious of her.
    She also failed to acknowledge the main point of this unconstitutional law which violates freedom of association. I believe this was the premise of John Eastman’s lawsuit.
    My experience from participating in the Caucus and Assemblies has taught me to recognize a R.I.N.O. I now believe it is the RINO’s candidates that petition onto the primary ballot while the grassroot patriot candidates go through the Caucus/Assembly process. KBB’s obvious support for the open primaries makes me conclude she is a RINO and RINOs are part of the uni-party.

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