LEAP: Decline to Sign.

Ballot Initiative 25: LEAP (Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program) is in the process of collecting signatures. Decline to sign.
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LEAP: Decline to Sign.

Ballot Initiative 25: LEAP (Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program) is in the process of collecting signatures. Decline to sign. Read the ballot initiative along with Patti Kurgan’s op-ed, LEAP from Dot to Dot and Where do You Land? , along with Colorado Initiative 25: A LEAP of Blind Faith! and Kim Monson’s piece, Ten Reasons to Decline to Sign Colorado Initiative 25: LEAP.

Reggie Carr, founder of I’MA Trumpster and I’MA Uniter, joins Kim to discuss his new venture. Reggie believes in Trump’s statement, “Peace through strength.” Reggie is creating a music project that will “unite” people of various political affiliations as he seeks harmony in the deliverance of conservative messages. Reggie wants to have “that conversation” without violence. The Trump rallies Reggie has attended are focused on God and Country. Reggie plans to strengthen and distribute the conservative through music. Reggie has set up I’MA Super Pac for contributions to this effort and thanks the grassroots for all of their support the last few years.

Kim jumps back to LEAP, centering her attention on the taxes that are set to support LEAP, the sin tax of marijuana. Kim agrees with the economic principle that if you want less of something, tax it more. However people are rational economic actors. Some will pay the higher price, some will stop using the product and some will look for alternative markets. The marijuana black market is already busy in Colorado and potential additional LEAP marijuana taxes will very possibly increase its presence. This will be particularly true if the federal government deschedules marijuana and begins to charge an excise tax of 10% with yearly increases up to 25%. LEAP is a proposed parallel government after school program that will be run by an unelected and unaccountable Authority.

Maskless Texas Democrats fled to Washington DC in a chartered plane. Now five have tested positive for COVID-19. Harris met with the group and has since gone to Walter Reed Hospital for a “routine doctor’s appointment.” The White House says they will be looking for “misinformation” in our text messages. Privacy concerns for sure and a direct affront to the Third Amendment. A Database in Colorado follows who has not had the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus experimental drug “vaccine.” Taxpayer dollars are being used for mailings, phone calls and text messages to coerce people to take the jab. The left is continuing fear mongering with the Delta variant narrative, so that emergency orders stay in place. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Former CEO Kent Thiry and DaVita Inc., kidney-care company based in Denver, is indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiring with a competing company. Parents in Washington DC sue because of a new law that allows children as young as 11 to be vaccinated without their parent’s consent.

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