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Terri Goon, President of Liberty Toastmasters North, joins Kim in the studio.  Liberty Toastmasters is an organization that assists members in improving speaking and listening skills. 

Liberty: The Key to Prosperity or Gratitude


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Terri Goon, President of Liberty Toastmasters North, joins Kim in the studio.  Liberty Toastmasters is an organization that assists members in improving speaking and listening skills.  Liberty Toastmasters also helps members bring clarity to topics so that communication with others can be effective.  It is an excellent way to practice speaking in front of others before speaking in public.  Liberty Toastmasters-Denver and Liberty Toastmasters-North meet twice a month and welcome new members.

You have the opportunity to hear three different veteran stories this weekend on America’s Veterans Stories.  All shows can be heard on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.  Sunday at 3pm Kim will rebroadcast her interview with Nellie Paler.  On both Saturday and Sunday evenings at 10pm previously recorded interviews, with other veterans who have served our country, are broadcast.  Kim reports on her experience at last night’s Lone Tree City Council Meeting.  The city government intentionally makes it difficult to participate in meetings with inconvenient scheduling times of the meetings.  There is no transparency as the city refuses to audio or video record the meetings, therefore the only public record of the meeting is written action minutes.  Terri interjects that in Longmont the meetings are offered live via streaming and they do record the meetings for future reference.

When looking up the definition of courage, think of Juli Paulsen.  Juli is an immigrant from Colombia and became a citizen in 2019.  This year she was elected Vice Chair of the GOP in Weld County.  Working with 1500 parents, they held Weld County RE-4 school board members accountable.  This resulted in both the President of the RE-4 School Board and the school Superintendent to resign on Monday evening.  Juli is an example that we can all be part of the solution.  Get involved and be active in local government affairs.

Kim and Terri welcome fellow members of Liberty Toastmasters to present on either Liberty: The Key to Prosperity or Gratitude.  There are many nuggets of wisdom in their perspectives:  how despair and hope build into determination; we must keep our beacon of light burning and in doing so we must give in order to receive; it is child abuse if you do not teach your children about the great country we live in; in America you have the freedom to be the very best you, you can be; the assertion that freedom is a necessity as we must refuse to capitulate to government mandates and; people with gratitude in their heart are the happiest.

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