Kim and Dr. Guelzo discuss his recent Op-Ed in City-Journal titled, Lincolnomics: The Economic Mind and Policies of Abraham Lincoln.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show

Smoke and mirrors. Biden and his press corps make contradictory statements. Beware, the government is coming to your door if you have not been jabbed with the Wuhan-China virus experimental gene therapy. The Tax Foundation has a state map for Biden proposed tax consequences. Join America’s Veterans Stories this Sunday at 3pm and 10pm on KLZ 560AM and KLZ 100.7FM to hear guest Navy Ret. Admiral Ray Snyder discuss submarine warfare and his role in its development. Comparing Colorado’s fee vs. tax narrative. Teachers union president Randi Weingarten is paid $560,000 per year. She claims the GOP is bullying teachers. Can you say Education Industrial Complex? Decline to sign LEAP ballot initiative 25.

Darren Hafford, Marine Corps and Army veteran, reports to Kim while doing 50 push-ups in 50 capitols in 50 days to create awareness of and help prevent veteran suicide. Visit the website to learn more and contribute to his endeavor. Darren notes that money raised will also help first responders.

Guest Dr. Allen Guelzo is director of the James Madison Program Initiative on Politics and Statesmanship and a senior research scholar at Princeton University. He is also a visiting scholar at the Heritage Foundation. Kim and Dr. Guelzo discuss his recent Op-Ed in City-Journal titled, Lincolnomics: The Economic Mind and Policies of Abraham Lincoln. Since the 1930’s Communist progressive/regressives have tried to make the case that Lincoln and Marx were aligned. Lincoln’s ideas have no resemblance to the Marx doctrine. This is a discussion used by socialists/Marxists working to take over America. The only notable contributions socialism/Marxism have provided are death and destruction. Equity and equality are totally different regardless of the progressive/regressive narrative. In the 1830’s Alexis de Tocqueville noted that the American people voluntarily came together to organize and help themselves; government programs were not needed. The progressive/regressive movement started at the turn of the last century and is attempting turn America into a socialist-communist, Marxist form of government. Resistance is high amongst liberty-minded people who are focused on keeping America free and, God willing, the American Idea will prevail.

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