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Kim and Producer Steve debate Colorado's SB 20-085, Limit Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving. Sue Moore of the Republican Liberty Caucus with a look at proposed bills that contravene equality and personal responsibility. Peg Cage from MyColoradoGOP joins Kim to explain the caucus system.

Mobile Device Usage While Driving: Freedom Versus Safety

Producer Steve

Producer Steve

Kim and Producer Steve begin the week discussing the public option for a Colorado government-controlled health plan.  Proponents are citing incorrect “facts.”  The quality of healthcare will take a downward slide. If the public option passes people will be forced into a program that they have no interest in participating in.  

Sue Moore from the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado joins Kim to review a few bills introduced under the Golden Dome. Sue opposes many of them because they do not treat everyone equally and use the heavy hand of a nanny state.

Jason McBride addresses the importance of investing well now to provide income for retirement years. It is important to review your portfolio to look at anticipated income and expenses.

Peg Cage from My Colorado explains the caucus system. Caucus means meeting, and they are coming up soon.  Meet with your neighbors and learn how you can make a difference in this election cycle.

Kim and Steve debate SB20-085, Limit Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving. Kim states that this is an infringement on one’s freedom. Steve asks if someone should have the freedom to injure others. There are already laws regarding distracted driving. You get to decide who won the debate.

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