Rick Turnquist, author and blogger (toadvancefreedom.com), discusses with Kim his reasons for leaving the regressive/progressive state of Colorado for the “Red” state of Oklahoma.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show

Memorial Day weekend is a time for reflection and to honor those who gave up everything, their families and life, to fight evil and protect our Liberty. To honor all those who have served, next week The Kim Monson show will feature three World War II veterans who survived the perils of war. This Sunday on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM at 3pm and 10pm, MT, America’s Veteran’s Stories will feature Aaron Peterson, a veteran who flew Chinook helicopters in Afghanistan; a country void of Judeo-Christian values. We must never underestimate the God-given gift of freedom; we must protect our liberty—the responsible exercise of freedom. In Colorado and throughout the nation we see the regressive/progressive leftist agenda working to take away our freedom and replace it with government control through weaponization of policy, unpredictable & excessive taxation, fear, coercion and inflation.

SB21-009 Reproductive Health Care Program uses your taxes to provide regressive/progressive leftist non-reproductive products to illegal immigrants at an initial cost of over $4 million the first year. Kellogg’s new cereal and Legos rainbow edition are part of the regressive/progressive left’s indoctrination of our children, at an early age, of the LGBQT movement. Our kids are falling behind because of all of this nonsense. There are limited hours in the school day. Schools SHOULD be using the school day to teach kids to read, write, do arithmetic and critically think so that our kids can compete on the international level. As Tucker Carlson explains on his show Wednesday, May 26th, children are suffering from the barrage of misinformation that transgenderism provides happiness. Carlson interviewed a young man who was interviewed by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. This man’s search for happiness thru transgenderism actually pushed him to consider suicide.

Jason McBride, Senior Vice President with Presidential Wealth Management, reflects on those who have given us our freedom. Freedom includes working toward your independent, personal wealth. Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 to discuss your financial portfolio and plan for your future.

Frequent guest Rick Turnquist, author and blogger (toadvancefreedom.com), discusses with Kim his reasons for leaving the regressive/progressive state of Colorado for the “Red” state of Oklahoma. Top on his list, he swore he would never pay a cent to Sen. Faith Winter’s sponsored Paid Family and Medical Leave Initiative. Rick refuses to live in a state of tyranny and chooses a state with limited government and individual responsibility. Oklahoma values fossil fuels, one of the pillars of modern life. The Oklahoma legislative body is predominantly Republican and Rick has already offered his expertise to educate fellow conservatives on the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and how to not let government take them away. Rick notes that Democrats do not really care about people, but only use them to implement their regressive/progressive leftist policies. States must override the assault on our God-given rights and we must elect people who will conserve and preserve our God-given rights.

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