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Hal and Kim talk about “our moment.” We must defend our freedom regardless of the number of battles we must fight. When we talk about battles, we mean the battle of ideas.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Our Moment

It’s Hal van Hercke Friday!  Hal is entrepreneur and owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool.  Hal and Kim converse about Tuesday’s election results and how small businesses were negatively affected during the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus reaction disruption.  Money did not provide wins in some of the elections nor Colorado ballot questions such as Proposition 119, the proposed new marijuana tax “for the children.”  The grassroots did!  Parents spoke up and voted against many school boards that disregarded the will of the people, exhibited extreme arrogance and were very condescending.

November 10th is the Marine Corps’ birthday.  Kim will be interviewing Rick McFadden, Marine Veteran, this coming Sunday on America’s Veterans Stories.  Tune in to KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM at 3pm.   Hal is proud to be a veteran and offers to veterans, military and first responders a 10% discount.  Hal has been building his inventory of knives and he now has his largest inventory ever which offers his customers a wide selection of holiday gifts.  The next few months will be crucial for the small business owner, especially those in the retail sector.

Hal and Kim talk about “our moment.”  We must defend our freedom regardless of the number of battles we must fight.  When we talk about battles, we mean the battle of ideas.  Freedom of speech is essential.  Biden’s vaccination mandate will push more people to leave their jobs.  Coercion is wrong.  People want to direct their own destiny.  The war on small business is easily seen as the Biden administration rolls out even more regulations, higher taxes and proposes unleashing IRS agents on the businesses.  The fines in the new OSHA vaccination mandate prove that OSHA is being used as a weapon to mandate and enforce vaccinations.  Polis’ rhetoric is self-serving as he attempts to revitalize fear in people.  Hal ends with a defense mechanism that calls for all of us to negate half-truths.

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