Pandemic Lookback: Did the Experts Tell the Truth?

Susan Kochevar questions whether the pandemic's medical experts told us the truth. Bill of the Day HB22-1260, Access To Medically Necessary Services For Students. KLZ 560 turns 100 and Kim and Richard Beattie talk about the station's history. Candidate interview with Robin Webb, who is running for Colorado State House District 43.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Pandemic Lookback: Did the Experts Tell the Truth?

Susan Kochevar responds to Dr. Mike McDonald’s essay, The Experts are Lying to You

Los Angeles Psychiatrist Dr. Mike McDonald is the author of the United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis. McDonald also publishes Dissident MD, a weekly newsletter that examines the intersection of medicine and politics. McDonald’s latest op-ed, The Experts Are Lying to You, is built upon a simple premise: the so-called experts, especially those endorsing mask mandates and COVID vaccinations, are lying. What happens when a trusted expert decides to forgo honesty to further a mutually exclusive agenda? Or, less sinister, yet still problematic, what happens when an expert is not really an expert and provides wrong direction and advice despite their good intentions? Susan Kochevar, the owner of the historic 88 Drive-In Theatre, analyzes McDonald’s essay during the first hour of today’s show.

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Bill of the Day HB22-1260, Access To Medically Necessary Services For Students

Bill summary: 

Under the bill, a student who has a medical diagnosis and presents an accompanying prescription from a qualified health-care professional to an administrative unit must receive reasonable accommodations, as determined by a collaborative care team, to allow the student to receive medically necessary services in the school setting.The bill prohibits an administrative unit from prohibiting a functional health-care specialist from providing medically necessary services to a student during school hours.

The bill authorizes an administrative unit to utilize onsite therapists when selecting a functional health-care specialist to provide the medically necessary services to the student. If the administrative unit does not have an appropriate specialist available on site, the bill requires the administrative unit to allow a community-based specialist to provide the medically necessary services in the school setting. The administrative unit is also required to consider selecting specialists who provide frequent and regular therapy to the student outside of the school setting to provide the medically necessary service to the student in the school setting in order to maintain continuity of care.

The bill does not increase, alter, or reduce an administrative unit’s obligation to provide required services pursuant to the federal “Individuals with Disabilities Education Act” or section 504 of the federal “Rehabilitation Act of 1974”.

Bill of the Day HB22-1260, Access To Medically Necessary Services For Students has bi-partisan sponsorship. Senator Cleave Simpson is the Republican sponsor. Democrat sponsors are Senator Rhonda Fields and Representative Meg Froelich. The bill on its face seems reasonable, in so far as it provides access to medical services for children in schools. The concern is that the bill will bypass parental rights.

Also on Today’s Broadcast

Candidate Interview with Robin Webb (Colorado State House 43)

Robin Webb joins Kim in the first hour to discuss why she is running for the House District 43. Listeners can learn more on her website. Go here to donate to Webb’s campaign.

Richard Beattie and Kim on KLZ 560’s 100tth Anniversary

Crawford Broadcasting’s Richard Beattie (on sister stations KLTT 670 and KLVZ 810) joins Kim in the second hour to celebrate KLZ 560’s 100th anniversary and share some of the station’s history. Learn more on the KLZ 560 100th Anniversary page.


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