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Josh Philipp, senior investigative reporter for The Epoch Times and host of Crossroads, states that the government is using businesses and bureaucracies against the American public to administer vaccination passports.

Personal Freedom and Vaccine Passports


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Kim and Producer Steve delve into events across the nation. Obama drastically scales down his original 700 plus guest list for his birthday party because of COVID. Do these elites really believe what they are saying? Or is this a distraction as important news concerning election integrity, the infrastructure bill and illegals crossing the southern border is ignored by mainstream media? This Sunday on America’s Veterans Stories, Retired Army Major General Joe Arbuckle will be interviewed by Kim at 3pm and 10pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM. Colorado Senate Bill 21-142 signed into law by Governor Polis this past May states, “Every person has a right to privacy with respect to personal health decisions, free from coercion or interference from the government.” Denver ignores the law and increases the maximum fine to $5000 for public health violations. These regulations by an unelected bureaucracy kills businesses. Mayor Hancock is forcing the vaccination within the city, recognizing people will lose their jobs. Hancock is the Director of MORE, Mayors Organized for Reparations. How can you take action against people based on skin color, especially since many families arrived in the United States after the Civil War? Dr. James Lyons-Weiler notes that an ingredient in the vaccination may cause infertility. The infrastructure bill dropped late Sunday night. Who has read the 2703 pages? Possible bribe for Sen. Manchin as his wife’s commission is slated to receive $1 billion.

Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial Group, discusses the possibility of a non-vaccinated person not qualifying for a loan. Just recently an employer would not do an employee verification because the employee would not take the experimental drug vaccination. Lorne says if this is done just days before a loan is finalized the potential buyer could lose their earnest money. Give Lorne a call at 303-880-8881 for professional advice when securing a home mortgage. Don’t miss out on Castlegate Knife and Tool’s event tomorrow, Thursday in Sedalia from 3-6pm. They will be serving food and drinks while they sharpen one of your knives.

Frequent guest Josh Philipp, senior investigative reporter for The Epoch Times and host of Crossroads, states that the government is using businesses and bureaucracies against the American public to administer vaccination passports. This calls into question HIPPA and the legality that your health information is between you and your doctor. A class action lawsuit is in the making. Local officials split on keeping or relinquishing their power brought forth by the “declared” COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus. What is happening is anti-Constitution and flies in the face of our Founding Father’s principle that our inalienable rights are given by God. There are lots of contradictions in laws. One example is Colorado SB 21-142. “My body, my choice.” Illegals coming over the southern border with COVID-19 are released into the U.S. without any medical care. Elections matter. The hypocrisy of the left when comparing 2016 and 2020 is blaring. Their narrative in 2016 has been proven to be false while 2020 is shining the light on election integrity issues throughout the country. The Arizona Election Report will be released soon. Other states are following. The truth will come out even with the mainstream rhetoric and the Department of Justice lawsuits. Some Republicans are finally showing their strength.

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