Personal Health Decisions and COVID Vaccinations

Fauci says there will be a flood of mandates once the COVID-19/Wuhan-China experimental drug therapy vaccination is approved.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Personal Health Decisions and COVID Vaccinations

Kim notes we are living in remarkable times. These are the times we are made for. Kim and Producer Steve critique current events starting with the LEAP initiative, a marijuana tax “for the children.” Visit to review op-eds written by Kim, Patti Kurgan and Rick Turnquist. This is a definitive “no” vote. Mike Lindell is holding a three day symposium on the 2020 Election. Last night it was revealed by Mesa County Clerk-Recorder Tina Peters, joined by Sherronna Bishop and Colonel Sean Smith, that there are many questions regarding Colorado elections. Tina says that she “cannot unsee what I have seen.” Tina’s office was inspected by Secretary of State, Jena Griswold’s, office for “breach of security” while Tina traveled to the symposium. Visit to see the symposium which runs through Thursday. Dominion sues conservative media.

Switching to national news, New York Governor Cuomo resigns, effective in fourteen days. Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will become New York’s first female governor. Nineteen Republican senators join Democrats to vote us into oblivion by voting yes for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Democrats immediately go to their $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill. Senators Cruz and Lummis sees a potential destruction of cryptocurrency. The Texas Supreme Court allows for the arrest of Democrats who left the special session to block a final vote on a GOP sponsored bill on voting rights. Border agents at the southern border took into custody 834 unaccompanied children illegally crossing last week, the highest one day total on record. Secretary of State Blinken is concerned about China’s growth of their nuclear arsenal. We know that Biden is compromised due to Hunter’s relationships with elite China officials. John Eastman co-authors article stating that Trump haters will continue their quest to destroy Trump even if it means damaging the Constitution and the Presidential Office.

Fauci says there will be a flood of mandates once the COVID-19/Wuhan-China experimental drug therapy vaccination is approved. Biden states his administration will withhold federal funds, such as Medicare reimbursements, on unvaccinated people. This is against the new Colorado law, Senate Bill 21-142 which states, “Every person has a right to privacy with respect to personal health decisions, free from coercion or interference from the government.” Joseph Mercola sheds light on research that shows vaccinated people will spread the virus because vaccinations are breeding grounds for mutations. Israel is recording vaccinated people getting the virus. Who wins with vaccinations? Big Pharma! Colorado Republicans fail to win elections and as a result emphasis is placed on the ballot as many initiatives are being voted on. Last year Senate Bill 260, the transportation bill was passed. It is a prime example of double taxation, fees/taxes. The disguise of the word “fee” does not fool us. Biden signs an executive order that by 2030 cars on the road will be Electric Vehicles (EV). This despite the fact that we have high demand on the grid and lack sufficient supply of rare minerals in the U.S to produce car batteries. Xcel sends out letters forewarning customers that a 12% increase in energy costs is coming. Fondly remember that Hydrocarbons give us affordable, efficient reliable and responsible energy.!

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