Preserving the Electoral College

Larry Parman, Chairman of the Board of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, joins Kim to discuss the importance of preserving the Electoral College.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Preserving the Electoral College
  • Chris Cantwell with Transworld Business Advisors lets small business owners know that his heart and prayers go out to them today as he understands that the boot of government is always on their neck, most recently seen when the government closed them down as non-essential.  Chris is available to help entrepreneurs buy or sell a business and can be reached at 844-SELL-BIZ.
  • Samantha Koch, candidate for HD1 ( is the compassionate candidate as her opponent is a member of Cruel 17 and did not support the bill, No one dies alone.   We need balance in the state government.  If Hickenlooper wins, it will be the first time in almost 100 years that Colorado has a one-party dominance.  Presently, abortion in Colorado is totally non-restrictive and that’s why Prop 115 must win.  Freedom vs. communism.  Lora Thomas is running for re-election as Douglas County Commissioner.  Very concerned about the possibility of Tri-County Health closing businesses again in the county.  Kaiser Permanente dumps 20 days of COVID-19 data in one day skewing the numbers.  Sky Ridge Hospital has 5 out-of-state COVID-19 patients.
  • Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth Management reports that the markets are showing strong gains.  Jason believes that this is attributed to the thought that we will know sooner rather than later the results of the election, and manufacturing numbers were stronger than expected.  He also expresses caution as the markets are still below their 50-day moving average and volume is low.  Jason is available at 303-694-1600 for end of the year financial planning.
  • Guest Larry Parman, Chairman of the Board of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, joins Kim to discuss the importance of preserving the Electoral College.    Today Americans will “complete the jigsaw puzzle.”  Extortion of the American people; when people resort to violence, we have become Venezuela.  Trump has “Unmasked” the media.  School choice is extremely important, especially to minority communities.  Colorado Proposition 113 regarding the National Popular Vote will hopefully be defeated and the present balanced system will continue to give individual liberty.  The Presidential election will either end with Biden controlled by the AOC/Warren/Sanders faction or Trump, the candidate who focuses on putting people back to work.

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