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Proposition CC is the big ballot victory for citizens wanting to reign in free-spending politicians, but the assault on TABOR has just begun. Kim and Producer Steve analyze the aftermath of Tuesday's Colorado Ballot measures, as well as some local results.


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  • TABOR survives Prop CC, but the fight isn’t over
  • Producer Steve and Kim discuss the results of Tuesday’s state and local ballot measures and elections

Proposition CC Defeated: The 2019 Ballot Measure and Election Analysis

Proposition CC, an assault against Colorado’s Tax Payers Bill of Rights/TABOR was defeated in the election on Tuesday. However, more TABOR assaults are coming.

The Bell Policy Center, the Colorado Fiscal Institute and others are targeting TABOR again, while also seeking an increasingly progressive taxing system. The assault on TABOR and the government thirst for more and more of your hard earned money will seemingly never end.

What happened in Tuesday’s election? Kim and producer Steve discuss Tuesday’s election results.

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  1. Absolutely not over the lunatic liberals are out to destroy everything they cannot control. They will never stop, so we must be vigilant at all times. Keep your powder dry and don’t fire till u look them in the eye.

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