Ramification of Afghanistan Withdrawl

Helen Raleigh, author of "Backlash: How China’s Aggression Has Backfired" and senior contributor to The Federalist, discusses with Kim the negative ramifications of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Ramification of Afghanistan Withdrawl

The repeal of the Gallagher Amendment by the voters in 2020 hurts homeowners.  As homeowners celebrate their property value increase, it is important to understand that their real estate taxes increase as well.  Kim encourages the defeat of the 55% Lone Tree sales tax increase.  This Sunday America’s Veterans Storiefeatures an interview with Marine Vietnam Veteran Fighter Pilot Nelson (Nellie) Paler.  The show broadcasts at 3pm and 10pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.  Please note that the events featuring Leslie Manookian across the metro Denver area have been cancelled due to a family medical emergency.  Liberty Toastmaster Greg Morrissey encourages lawyers who are Christians to stand up for the Constitution.  The Department of Homeland Security issues terrorist threats citing those who are in opposition to COVID-19 measures, claims of election fraud and recognizing 9/11 or religious celebrations, at the top of the list.  Potential restrictions on the unvaccinated include daily tests, cancellation of  insurance or requirement to  pay a premium to continue insurance coverage, denial of access to loans, and denial of  gun permits and driver’s licenses.  Florida students are told to quarantine because they may have been exposed to COVID by a student who was exposed by another student who may have had it.  When did common sense leave the room?  We must find and advocate for free market solutions.

Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, joins Kim to discuss Castle Rock City Council’s decision to put, on the November ballot, an initiative that would approve an excise tax for new housing at $7 per square foot. This makes housing even more unaffordable.  For a 1,000 square foot home, this equates to an $7,000 increase in the home price.  Inventory is increasing in the Denver metro area.  Give Karen a call if you are looking at buying or selling a home.  Karen can be reached at 303-877-7516.

Frequent guest Helen Raleigh, author of Backlash: How China’s Aggression Has Backfired and senior contributor to The Federalist, discusses with Kim the negative ramifications of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.  The region becomes more unstable each day.  Why did Biden leave all the military high-tech equipment behind with a cost in the billions?  Biden has no idea how many Americans are trapped in Afghanistan that need to be evacuated.  Listen to Biden’s narrative as he consistently states that Americans who “want” to leave will be able to do so.  Biden is incompetent and he definitely does not have compassion for people.  Did Biden fail intentionally?  Long-term implications will last decades.  The instability benefits Pakistan and China.  What country will Biden walk away from next?  Taiwan and India are watching closely.  While Harris talks tough on China, Biden grants Huawi approval to buy auto chips.  We are Americans and will fight for our freedom and liberty.

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