Reigniting the American Dream

Lauren Boebert, candidate for CD-3, talks reigniting the American Dream, liberty and freedom. 
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Reigniting the American Dream
  • Looking for fun.  Come to the The i’AM Trumpster Bus Tour event this Saturday, October 17th from 2-4pm at the 88 Drive In Theatre in Commerce City.  Follow it up with Kim and co-author Rick Turnquist discussing their Voter’s Guide  on October 19th at 5:30pm at Water’s Edge Winery; register here: Need more information regarding judges, visit
  • George Teal, candidate for Douglas County Commission, will be fiscally responsible by reducing fees and cutting taxes, and defending the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR).  George has a one-on-one local effort listening to constituents vs. his opponent who has brought in nationwide money to get the seat.  Visit to learn more and adopt George.
  • Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth reports on the market’s negative movement yesterday.  The election, potential stimulus package talks on hold, and another company announces halt on its trial Coronavirus vaccination.  Trump tax cuts are for the hard working people as proven in the analysis presented on
  • Guest Roger Hays, founder and CEO of Premier Employer Services ( joins Kim to dissect Proposition 118, Paid Medical and Family Leave Insurance (FMLI).  As a company that services small to medium sized businesses, Roger has seen first-hand how businesses are hanging on by their fingernails to survive.  This is not the time to bring this new tax, disguised as a fee/premium, to employers and employees as the effects of Wuhan virus disruption is impacting the economy.  Prop 118 would allow an unaccountable bureaucrat to raise the “fee” at his/her discretion as nothing can stand in their way.  Give people the choice to do as they wish with their money.
  • Lauren Boebert, candidate for CD-3, talks reigniting the American Dream, liberty and freedom.  In other words, be BOLD!  Lauren grew up with the suppression of government aid until moving to Rifle as a young teen.  Lauren got her first paycheck from McDonalds and took pride in the wealth she created knowing she earned it.  Lauren wants to bring independence and hope to all her constituents.  Personal attacks are because she cannot be attacked on policy.  To learn more about Lauren visit

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