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Guest Sue Kenfield, master at resiliency work with individuals, companies and non-profits (, joins Kim to discuss how we can move forward as we get out of the Wuhan-China virus disruption.

Resiliency and Moving Forward


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Kim begins the show stating how valued her listeners are. She loves hearing from everyone. Producer Steve chimes in to express his gratitude as well.  Thank you!

Jen Hulan, owner of Waters Edge Winery (, reflects on her resiliency over the past year. Her network of friends helped tremendously as well as her optimism and ability to pivot her business perspective based on customers comments. One outcome is a new gluten free menu. Jen also gives a teaser about her soon to be announced new location for wine production.

Kim and Producer Steve comment on two bills signed by Gov. Polis yesterday, HB21-1106 Safe Storage of Firearms and SB21-078 Lost or Stolen Firearms. Steve notes that both bills appear as common sense, something lacking in society today. Kim gives a different explanation, stating that this is another way for the government to get into your home under the guise of protecting our children. If the radical left are so interested in protecting children, why do they support millions of children to be killed through abortion? Representative Mullica, one of the primary sponsors of the House bill, was also one of the “Cruel 17” who voted against last year’s compassionate “no one should die alone” legislation.

Jason McBride, Senior Vice-President at Presidential Wealth Management and expert at examining risk tolerance for people regarding their financial portfolio remarks on various financial instruments. Jason recommends an annuity check-up; they are not complicated and he is willing to dissect the details with you. Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 to set up an appointment to review your financial goals and examine the track you are on.

Guest Sue Kenfield, master at resiliency work with individuals, companies and non-profits (, joins Kim to discuss how we can move forward as we get out of the Wuhan-China virus disruption. Sue shares her childhood experiences that taught her resiliency skills and the fact that your childhood does not have to define your life. Many people have had an assault on their freedom and have a sense of fear with the unknown. People need to take responsibility of their actions knowing that they can control many of their circumstances. The closure of Kroger stores in California have left people jobless through no fault of their own. PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) mandated a $4.00 increase in “Hero” pay. In turn, because of exorbitant costs Kroger closed two of their stores. Now employees are out of a job and community members do not have a local market to buy grocers. This added another layer for the employees who were already dealing with significant stress.  Although difficult, people must reflect inward and concentrate on the successes in life and not always the challenges. If your mindset is to always control your thoughts in a positive manner and be grateful for what good has happened for you, you can bring favorable changes into your present circumstances.

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