Rick Turnquist on Tyranny and Bankruptcy

Rick Turnquist and Kim discuss Tyranny and Bankruptcy and its consequences for Colorado and the nation.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Rick Turnquist on Tyranny and Bankruptcy
  • Kim welcomes Rick Turnquist in studio, blogger and author of the op-ed available on The Kim Monson Show website, Tyranny and Bankruptcy.  Producer Steve joins them in a discussion of the 5,000 page+ stimulus package no one read and Pelosi’s pet project.  Kim’s America’s Veteran’s Stories is moving to KLZ this Sunday, January 3rd.  2020 exhibited the expansion of government into any vacuum that existed.  The fallacy of the 5 Star State Certification Program for restaurants, bars, taverns and gyms.  Littleton spends a good portion of their CARES Act money on their city council chambers, not businesses and the people.  Xcel to charge every day, hard-working people for residential, commercial and fast electrical charging stations knowing most electrical vehicles are owned making approximately $75,000 or above and college-educated.
  • Lorne Levy, Polygon Financial mortgage specialist, talks about opportunities in the mortgage arena.  Rates slightly went down the past few weeks, again.  Reverse mortgages are good for select retirees.  Lorne can be contacted at 303-880-8881 to discuss your mortgage requirements.
  • Jason McBride with President Wealth discloses his New Year Resolution—more patience with his children.  Jason conveys concern about higher taxes and more rules and regulations under a potential Biden Presidency which will not be friendly to businesses and the market.  Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 for any last-minute financial questions as the year ends tomorrow.
  • Rick and Kim continue their conversation on articles of interest.  The new strain of coronavirus happens to be in Elbert County as a 20 something-year-old contracts it.  Producer Steve asks if this is “the scare pill for the day?”  Colorado has voted in tyranny as all three chambers are controlled by the Democrats.  The Progressive infrastructure, including non-profits, is a machine to win elections at all costs.  The COVID-19 relief bill is not the proper role of government and will bankrupt the state and the country.  Government creates no wealth.  Government only takes from others through taxation and fees.

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