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Democrats in Iowa can’t tally caucus votes but we should still let them control the country; Colorado state legislator’s takeover of RTD moves ahead in proposed SB 20-151; bizarre math when it comes to social security payments, earned and unearned income relative to taxes; Dershowitz is correct and; Rep. Jason Crow quotes wizard Dumbledore in impeachment closing arguments.


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  • Colorado SB-20-151, Administration of the RTD Regional Transportation
  • Rob Natelson on why Alan Dershowitz is right about impeachment

Rob Natelson: Dershowitz Right on Impeachment

Rob Natelson

rab natelson americhicks

Rob Natelson

Kim and Producer Steve question the ability of the Democratic Party to represent us as they are in disarray over vote counting in Iowa. As each hour passes waiting for results, one wonders how this party that yearns for complete control of the nation cannot perform a vote tally. Is this the party you want to control your life? Producer Steve deviously remarks, maybe this is intentional by party officials to kick Iowa out of the spotlight next election season.

Senate Bill 20-151, Administration of the RTD Regional Transportation, ultimately is about power and control handed to state legislators in the takeover of RTD. Once again, this bill is littered with code words for force: review committee, compliance, requirement, limits, etc. Line items have a direct increase in cost. How is it the role of a taxing authority to be allowed to provide commercial and retail services at its facilities? Most disturbing, the bill will eliminate a requirement that 30% of operating costs must come from fares. If not fares, does this mean more “fees” for the taxpayers?

Jason McBride explains the strange math that takes place with taxes regarding the affect earned and unearned income have on social security payments. To understand this complexity, join Jason at one of his worshops this week.

Rob Natelson, constitutional scholar, reviews 18th-century legal writings, including criminal law books, concluding that Trump defense lawyer Dershowitz is correct. The articles of impeachment against President Trump are not legally valid without alleging criminal behavior. Can we really believe the democrats are serious about impeachment? We begin with Schiff’s inaccurate and exaggerated parody of the Trump-Ukrainian phone call and end with house council Crow quoting wizard Dumbledore.

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