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Kim meets Antifa at MLK parade, Virginia gun rally peaceful despite prior day’s media blitz to the contrary, 2019 final housing market report, possible “cheap” industry for investing, and illegal spying of journalist Sharyl Attkinsson.


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  • Kim’s encounter with Antifa at MLK parade
  • Virginia gun rally
  • 2019 Housing Market Report
  • A look at the oil and gas markets
  • Sharyl Attkinsson names Rod Rosenstein as ringleader in spying scandal

Rod Rosenstein Implicated in Sharyl Attkinsson Spying Scandal

Sharyl Attkinsson

Sharyl Attkinson Kim Monson Show

Sharyl Attkinsson

Kim relays her experience with Antifa during the MLK parade. Antifa tried to intimidate her but courageously she rebuffs them. Kim did acknowledge the presence of police and their watchful eye.
For days leading up to the gun rally in Virginia, media outlets were reporting that “white supremacists” would be violent as the governor issues an executive order of a state of emergency. Quite the contrary, with thousands showing up in a very peaceful manner to advocate for their second amendment rights. No incidents (as opposed to Antifa’s demonstrations).
Guests Karen Levine and Lorne Levy recap the 2019 housing report. Housing supply is extremely tight, and interests rates will remain low as we venture into the new year.
Jason McBride analyzes the gas and oil industry. Indications are that this may be a time to buy as companies have gone through restructuring. The hesitancy comes as pipelines are facing stiff regulation and therefore the flow of oil is hindered.
Guest Sharyl Attkinsson explains that she reactivated her spy case against the government because of a confession by someone who did spy.  Sharyl can name names, and she does. Rod Rosenstein was the leader of illegal spying by the U.S. government not just on her but hundreds of Americans out of a Baltimore office. She explains how spyware controlled her computer by the government all because she was exposing Fast and Furious and Benghazi accurately, in juxtaposition to the Obama administration. Why is there resistance from the Department of Justice against people like Sharyl who want to report the truth?

Sharyl Attkinsson segment

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Karen Levine and Lorne Levy Recap 2019 Housing Report

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