RTD’s Flawed Parking Spot Audit

Randal O’Toole, transportation and urban land use expert (ti.org/antiplanner), converses with Kim on how public policy is used for transit development.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
RTD's Flawed Parking Spot Audit
  • Kim and Producer Steve comment on the irony regarding Rick Turnquist’s op-ed titled Tyranny and Bankruptcy that was rejected by Facebook.  Election integrity is front and center during today’s special Senatorial election in Georgia.  Gov. Polis, on a whim, changes the COVID “color dial” as Colorado finds itself the 9th worst state economy from a high of top ten.  Businesses participating in the 5 Star State Certification Program must sustain stricter government controls even though Polis’ changed the COVID dial to orange.  Once we give up our rights, there is no return.  The opening prayer given by Methodist Minister Rep. Emanuel Clever from Missouri for the 117th session of the U. S. House of Representatives ends with “Amen and Awomen.”  The ignorance of the left is never ending and highly visible; Amen is Latin for “so be it.”  “awoman?”  The “veil is off” and our fight for knowledge and freedom never ceases.
  • Sponsor Jen Hulan, owner of Water’s Edge Winery, invites you to indoor dining.  The winery is awaiting your arrival in its warm surroundings with new specials prepared by Chef D.  Jen reports that her heart soared as she travelled through states enjoying freedom with open restaurants and businesses as opposed to her heart soring when she returned to a closed Colorado.  There is no fully “open business” on the “spinning color dial” dictated by the governor.
  • Jason McBride, VP with Presidential Wealth Management, discusses the downward slide of the markets yesterday.  Potential reasons include a possible win by both Democrats in the Georgia special election, another stimulus package, cancellation of student debt, higher taxes and more regulations.  Jason can be contacted at 303-694-1600 to examine a thorough plan for your financial goals in the midst of government changes.
  • Guest Randal O’Toole, transportation and urban land use expert (ti.org/antiplanner), converses with Kim on how public policy is used for transit development.  RTD’s counting of parking spots during the pandemic was to easily reach a predetermined conclusion that parking spots are not needed and should be used for apartments. “Stack and pack” twists arounds what transit is about as “they” will make/force people serve transit instead of transit serving people.  Another transit project that should be totally rejected is the Fort Collins to Pueblo “high (low) speed” train that tops out at 45mph.  The $2.5 billion tag will easily be doubled to $5 billion for something that will not be used.  It would be more “compassionate” to help lower income households buy a car so that they are not confined to transit routes and instead have the freedom to choose a job that fits their skills and needs.

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