Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and the Dangers of Energy Dependence

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has prompted punitive sanctions against Nord Stream 2. How will energy sanctions against Russia impact energy-dependent countries? What national security risks do countries face when they lack energy independence? The Bill of the Day: SB22-116, Increase Occupational Credential Portability.
A photo of a Gazprom natural gas refinery in Russia. How will Nord Stream 2 sanctions impact energy dependent countires?
Gazprom natural gas facility in Russia. Credit to: The Moscow Times. .

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Russia's Invasion of Ukraine and the Dangers of Energy Dependence

Europe Needs Russian Energy. What Happens When Europe Loses Access?

When President Biden took office, one of the first acts of his administration was to effectively stop the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline by canceling the border crossing permit of the pipeline’s sponsor. The pipeline has long been a target for environmentalists. Energy experts noted that the cancellation would increase oil dependency from foreign sources. The impact of oil and gas dependency will soon be felt across Europe, as Russia is a significant energy producer. One of the sanctions imposed on Russia is the halting of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Nord Stream 2, worth $11 billion, is a primary natural conduit from Russia to Germany. Sanctions against a bad actor are certainly appropriate, but what happens when those sanctions affect energy prices and energy access? How will energy-dependent countries manage? Will sanctions be used in the United States as a pretext to push further towards renewable energy sources, regardless of the need to secure oil independence in the interest of national security?

Hal Van Hercke and  William Travis of Knights Bridge Research join Kim to discuss the strategic importance of oil and gas independence and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in segments three and four of today’s broadcast.

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Bill of the Day SB22-116, Increase Occupational Credential Portability

Concerning the ability of an individual to obtain an occupational credential through the occupational credential portability program.

Bill Summary:

Current law authorizes a regulator of a profession or occupation to approve an application for licensure, certification, registration, or enrollment by endorsement, reciprocity, or transfer through the occupational credential portability program (program). The bill amends the program by:

  • Removing the requirement that an applicant seeking a credential through the program must prove the applicant’s substantially equivalent experience or credentials;
  • Adding a military occupational specialty to the types of occupational credentials that qualify a person for a credential through the program; and
  • Requiring an applicant to have held the license, certification, registration, enrollment, or military occupational specialty in another state for at least one year.

SB22-116, Increase Occupational Credential Portability has bi-partisan support. Republican sponsors are State Senator Chris Holbert and State Representative Kevin Van Winkle. Democrat sponsors are State Senator Brittany Pettersen and State Representative Shannon Bird. The bill seems designed to stimulate business with less bureaucracy, fill open positions, and reduce red tape.

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