Say No to New Taxes

Grover Norquist with Americans for Tax Reform joins Wayne and Kim to continue the conversation on tax ballot questions.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Say No to New Taxes

Guest Wayne Harlos, State Chair of the Colorado Libertarian Party, is in the studio with Kim.  First on the agenda, vote NO on new taxes.  Kim’s “We the People” Voter’s Guide explicitly explains why she recommends a NO vote on Proposition 119 (the new marijuana tax “for the children”) and a NO vote on City of Lone Tree 2E which proposes raising the city sales retail tax by 55%.  All four of Castle Rock’s ballot tax questions are also a NO:  2A places a $7/square foot tax on all new residential builds; 2B is a lodging tax which will include B&B’s and the compliance cost can be as high as $600/month; 2C will raise the sales tax on everything, including necessities, and become the highest in the Denver-metro area and; 2D, which is the BIG one, will put a 10-year timeout on TABOR and it is unconstitutional as the state only allows a maximum of 4 years. All four are harmful to the residents of Castle Rock regardless that supporters state only “visitors” or “new residents” will feel the monetary pain.  On America’s Veterans Stories Kim interviews Pruett Helm, profiled in the book Mended Wings: The Vietnam War Experience Through the Eyes of Ten American Purple Heart Helicopter Pilots, which broadcasts Sunday at 3pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.

Guest Grover Norquist with Americans for Tax Reform joins Wayne and Kim to continue the conversation on tax ballot questions.  Grover correctly states that the estimated $137 million to be raised by taxing marijuana “for the children” could easily be found in the state budget in wasted expenditures.  Prop 119 would put in place a nine member authority board, appointed by this governor, who choose their own replacements.  The authority board can shave 10% of the tax revenue off the top for “administrative” expenses.  The other 90% will go to vendors chose by the authority board which translates to friends and special interests.  The City of Lone Tree 55% retail sales tax increase advocates threaten residents to “Save Our Police so They Can Save You.”  Check out No Lone Tree Tax Increase for well-researched information on why this Lone Tree tax increase is not necessary.  Grover notes that if implemented, the unrealized capital gains tax will face a court challenge as it is unconstitutional; there is no wealth tax, only an income tax in our constitution.  Grover concludes that one should always vote NO on any new tax or tax increase because there is always money to be found that can be cut in the budget, including staff.

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