School Board Candidates for Colorado Springs and Douglas County

Six candidates for Colorado Springs and Douglas County school board elections and a look at the continued fallout from SB-181 as Halliburton announces layoffs and PetroShare declares bankruptcy.

Politics is downstream from culture which is downstream from education. Local school board races are among the most important elections in America today. There is a real ideological battle for the minds of our kids. Today, six different school board candidates running in both Colorado Springs and Douglas County join me.

We’ll find out why they are running and why they are asking for your vote.

District 20 – Colorado Springs: Aaron Salt 

District 11 – Colorado Springs: Jason Jorganson and Conner Sargent 

Douglas County: Andy Jones, Kory Nelson and Franceen Thompson

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  1. We Poleis is follow the lunatic liberals game plan. Wreck the economy a nd blame Trump, we’ll see if it does anything other the kill COLORADO JOBS.POLE-ASS NEEDS TO GO BACK TO CALIFORNIA.

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