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Stand for Colorado speakers Dr. Jill Vecchio, Sherrona Bishop and Patti Kurgan join Kim before the Stand for Colorado Rally at the Capitol. Coloradans love camping...but did anyone expect Denver to turn into a tent city? Micheal Moore sinks to a new low with his bonkers apology to Iran's Supreme Leader.


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  • Stand for Colorado speakers Jill Vecchio, Sherrona Bishop, and Patti Kurgan
  • Code words for force
  • Denver’s homeless camps
  • Stock market reaction to Iran’s missile attacks
  • Micheal Moore apologize to the Supreme Leader of Iran

Stand for Colorado: Dr. Jilll Vecchio, Sherrona Bishop, and Patti Kurgan


Dr. Jill Vecchio
Sherrona Bishop
Patti Kurgan






Stand for Colorado rally is on January 8th at 11am on the West Steps of the Capitol.  Speaker Sherrona Bishop talks about laws already in place in regard to the passage of the Red Flag bill.  This bill really is about taking away the freedom of individuals and their personal property without due process.  Patti Kurgan addresses government-mandated paid family leave.  Let people freely make choices aligned with their situation instead of being forced into a government program that is a “one size fits all” package.  Dr. Jill Vecchio succinctly states, “When government controls healthcare they control people.”  Dr. Vecchio talks solutions that are much more effective in healthcare vs. a Colorado forced single-payer healthcare system being proposed.

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Denver's homeless camps.

supreme leader iran al khameni kim monson show

Why is Micheal Moore apologizing to Iran's Supreme Leader?

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  • Producer Steve and Kim dip into a conversation regarding the camping ban being declared unconstitutional. No one would have guessed that Denver would be a tent city.
  • Jason McBride discusses whether the stock market has reacted to the situation in Iran. Influence is definitely at its height in how the mainstream media is “90% of the problem” as they are the ones who have developed the narrative that we must “mourn.” Michael Moore adds to the craziness by apologizing to Iran. On a more serious tone, why didn’t we mourn the death of Major General Harold Greene in 2014, the highest-ranking commander of NATO lead forces, who was killed by an Afghan soldier who opened fire on SENIOR American officers? On a different topic, since Congress overhauled the international tax system companies have brought $1 trillion of offshore cash back to the U.S.

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