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Stand for Colorado speakers Nicole Hunt, Carolyn Martin, and Megan Kirk join Kim to speak about religious freedom, homeschooling, and medical freedom. Stand for Colorado is January 8th, at 11 am, at the west steps of the Colorado Capitol building. Producer Steve and Kim take a look at the radical left's grief for the death of the evil Iranian commander Soleimani.


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  • Stand for Colorado speakers Nicole Hunt, Carolyn Martin, and Megan Kirk
  • Producer Steve and Kim discuss the radical left’s “mourning” of the death of Iranian commander Soleimani

Stand for Colorado: Nicole Hunt, Carolyn Martin, and Megan Kirk

Nicole Hunt
Carolyn Martin
Megan Kirk






Stand for Colorado rally is on January 8th at 11am on the West Steps of the Capitol. Speaker Carolyn Martin addresses compulsory laws that have brought about tremendous change in educating our children and leading concerned parents to homeschooling their children. As she states, “Get the government out of our kitchen.”  Nicole Hunt is an advocate for religious freedom. We are allowed to practice our religion without government interference. We need to hold our officials accountable and protect the rights of families and the communities we live in. Megan Kirk is an advocate for medical freedom. We have the right and freedom to choose what is injected into our bodies. People want to be informed in making medical decisions and should have access to all documented information.

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Producer Steve and Kim discuss Pres. Trump’s definitive action in killing Iranian commander Soleimani.  It would have been irresponsible for the U.S. not to respond to attacks on Americans, and the planning of many more.  How can the radical left “mourn” the death of Soleimani, an evil man who crossed the line?

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  1. The children are having to watch and participate in porn, other wise known as sexual learning such as how men make love and how to touch yourself in class, see who can put a condom on a dildo in the middle of a classroom the fastest! This is starting in the 3rd. grade and parents cannot opt out of this class! Law’s concerning children not having to tell their parents anything! The state wants our children!

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