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TABOR's architect, Douglas Bruce, joins Kim for a conversation on why Colorado taxpayers should vote no on Proposition CC.


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  • TABOR architect and defender Douglas Bruce on why voters should reject Proposition CC

TABOR Architect Douglas Bruce on Why You Should Vote No on Prop CC

Douglas Bruce

Douglas Bruce Kim Monson Show

Douglas Bruce

Your ballot is due Tuesday, November 5th.
It’s too late to mail, make sure you drop it off at an official ballot collection site.

If you still have not filled out your ballot and are undecided on anything consider visiting Kim’s website and going through the Voter’s Guide.

If you are against corporate welfare, then you should certainly be a “NO” vote on Proposition CC. Whose money is it? Yours or PBIs (Politicians Bureaucrats and Interested Parties)?

Vote NO on Prop CC. PBIs are using Prop CC to sweet talk you into you giving them your TABOR tax refunds forever.

Douglas Bruce, architect of TABOR, Colorado’s Taxpayers Bill of Rights, explains why your vote is so important.

TABOR Architect Douglas Bruce on Why You Should Vote No on Prop CC

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