The Battle of Freedom vs Force

Kim welcomes show sponsor Hal Van Herke, entrepreneur and owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool. 

Kim and Producer Steve highlight America’s Veterans Stories show this coming Sunday at 3pm on KLZ featuring two veterans from the Vietnam War who are profiled in the book Echoes of our War: Vietnam Veterans Reflect Fifty Years Later.  Twilhe Wuhan-China virus disruption was a prelude to the World Economic Forum (WEF) agenda, specifically the “threat of the earth.”  Producer Steve calls the Democrat party the “Trojan Horse.”  Bill of the Day SB21-244 Funding Health Benefits For Legislative Aides grows Colorado’s political class, also known as “Colorado’s chapter of the swamp.”  Tax money can be used by paying aides to campaign for legislators.  Need some uplifting news?  A friend embroiders the ultrasound of a blind man’s baby so he can “see” his child.

Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim to discuss the “experimental drug” COVID-19 vaccination and potential passports.  It is obvious that those who are not vaccinated will be punished; the government will not force passports but will “encourage” companies to coerce/force clients/customers to provide a passport.  People will be punished and not allowed to do certain activities which most likely will include entertainment events, restaurants, and air travel, to name a few.  Dr. Vecchio gives a historical perspective stating the Obama administration had mandatory flu vaccinations in place in 2012.  The efficacy of the flu vaccination is between 17% and 74%, depending on one’s age.  Boosters for COVID-19 will be needed.  Be informative.  Visit Robert F. Kennedy’s website,

Jason McBride, Vice President with Presidential Wealth Management, agrees with Kim that there are many unknowns in the financial sector, naming tax rates and capital gains tax as two examples.  Annuities may be a good way to protect your finances.  Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 to discuss financial strategies.  Knowledge is power!

Kim welcomes show sponsor Hal Van Herke, entrepreneur and owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool.  Hal has the best selection of knives west of the Mississippi including hunting, fishing, kitchen, utility and sporting knives.  All veterans and first responders get a 10% discount.  Stop by Castlegate in Sedalia or visit the website to view all knives in stock.  Hal transitions to the small business environment in Colorado.  Hal has been looking at retail expansion in the Denver metro area and has made some astute observations.  For the small businesses that survived, they are ready to reinvent and rebuild their businesses as they come out of the shadows of the Wuhan-China virus reaction disruption.  There is difficulty in finding retail and/or commercial space at affordable prices throughout the metro area except in Denver and Aurora.  Hal speculates this is a result of the riots and destruction of property over the past year.  Hal addresses the Battle of the Narrative, specifically what he calls advocates of freedom vs. advocates of force by those who want to control in reference to Second Amendment policies.  Hal sees major headwinds slowing the re-opening of businesses and cites two examples, the anti-business climate at the state capitol with bills such as SB21-176 Protecting Opportunities and Workers’ Right Act and HB21-1232 Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option, and increasing inflation due to the continuation of printing money.

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