The Cost of Leaving United States Equipment in Afghanistan

Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of Open the Books, joins Kim and Susan with an important discussion regarding the exit from Afghanistan.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Cost of Leaving United States Equipment in Afghanistan

Susan Kochevar, owner of the 88 Drive In, is in the studio with Kim and Producer Steve.  They begin with a conversation regarding a potential hostage crisis in Afghanistan.  We should not be surprised by the Taliban actions as they have no understanding of Judeo-Christian values.  Current events highlight the importance of attending U.S. Constitution Week in Grand Lake; visit for all the details.  Do not fall into the trap that the government is here to “protect you.”  Taxation for such programs needs to end.  Reduction of taxes is needed to aid household finances due to the silent thief, inflation.

Danny Bristow, Colorado State Commerce Pillar Leader with FEC United (, joins Kim to explain efforts to restore liberty, demand accountability in the government and get the free market moving again without interference.  Shameful that Polis was able to classify employees into essential and non-essential workers.  Colorado is at the tip of what is now called “manufactured scarcity.”  Just over one-third of small businesses will never reopen with Colorado tied in fifth place for the highest number of closed businesses.  Regulations must be lifted, and taxes must be reduced.  Kim references Cory Gaines’ article detailing what Polis says and what he does, two very different actions.  Polis can maneuver his narrative but he cannot fool the people who know what his true objectives are.  Polis’ agenda is not in the best interest of the residents in Colorado.

Guest Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of Open the Books, joins Kim and Susan with an important discussion regarding the exit from Afghanistan.  Adam recaps the billions of dollars in foreign aid to Afghanistan from the U.S.  Unfortunately, it appears all the money has evaporated into thin air as there is nothing sustainable in the investment.  For instance, one social experiment was called, “Respect Women.”  This campaign involved training for various groups, including the Taliban.  Another was to fight the opium trade.  The one call in any American war is to leave no man behind.  Adam states that we will never know the exact number of Americans left in Afghanistan as many have already and will continue to be slaughtered at the hands of the Taliban, especially since the Taliban was given a list by the U.S. government who were most important to get out of the country and the biometrics technology to hunt them down.  Adam lists the U.S. military equipment left in Afghanistan amounting to over $83 million (–us-military-equipment-left-behind-in-afghanistan/), a tremendous amount that will most likely be used to kill Americans both overseas and on our homeland.  Why was there not a “kill switch” in the equipment?  Adam asks people to sign the Open the Books petition that each member of Congress must read a bill and sign an affidavit stating s/he has done so before the bill can be voted on.  Visit to sign the petition.  Kim brings up LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, to Adam regarding the governing board consisting of unaccountable, unelected members appointed by the governor and they select their replacements.  LEAP creates a parallel public school system with the existing public school system, funded by increased state retail marijuana taxes.  Adam replies that this will make elections obsolete and voters will have no voice in future policy.  He also mentions raising taxes on marijuana will only increase the black market as experienced in California,—could-california-be-making-more-money-from-marijuana-sales/.  Adam concludes by stating, Now is the time!  Act now or your voice will be silenced.

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